Top Remote Work Tools – Empower Workforce Productivity

It is a known fact that remote working offers a lot of flexibility to business and its employees.

Even in the times of crisis or exigencies, remote working turns out to be a saving grace. Remote working also brings forward evident bottlenecks that cannot be ignored. 

There are unavoidable issues like unavailability of technological support, infrastructural limitations and lack of supervision that do come up with remote working. They can create issues in proper conduct of work or performance of important functions. 

Even if an employee wants to send out one fax, lack of office infrastructure can cause a delay in work and cost the business a lot in the long run. It is a technological blessing that we live in the times where tools like CocoFax are there to render remote support on fax needs. 

A lot of similar tools and manageable shortcuts come handy in case of resource restrictions. These tools act as catalysts for good performance and offer performance leverage to the business owners and employees. 

You can attain more information of CocoFax and how it acts like a complete tool that eliminates any delay or hardware intervention in sending or receiving faxes. Just like CocoFax, there are other tools that are sure shot lifesavers for business while working remote:

CocoFax- Virtual Fax tool

It is a known fact that a lot of businesses consider fax the most admissible and reliable form of business communication. While faxes continue to be the most preferred alternative in businesses, fax machines have truly become outdated. 

This is where CocoFax comes forward as a virtual mode to send and receive faxes remotely. All you need is a CocoFax subscription and you can send and receive faxes virtually.
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Further, it also offers a free fax number to its users.


CocoFax practically takes all your faxing worries away. It offers a bunch of methods in which you can send and receive fax virtually. You can send and receive faxes through any internet compatible devices. 

Further, if you are not very sure about remote faxing, you can try this platform out on their 30 day free trial. It is a sufficient time to assess your compatibility with the application and ensure that you are comfortable with its working. 


With an efficient virtual faxing tool like CocoFax, you can be as prompt as sending and receiving fax as you can imagine. It is compatible with all document types and has many ways in which sending and receiving faxes can be enabled. 

Mobile Data and Hotspot

When it comes to remote operation of work, the internet is the backbone. When there is no internet, you can’t even justify the fact that you were working to your boss, let alone actually being able to work. 

Stable internet is a struggle for most of the people, and there needs to be a way out in such situations. This is where mobile hotspot turns out to be an active solution. In situations where your internet does not work, you can use the data of your mobile phone through a hotspot.

For those who are not aware, every smartphone has a hotspot tab in the setting. By clicking on this tab (or turning it on), you can share the mobile data on other devices. As this tool is essentially dependent upon your mobile data plan, you need to ensure that your phone is backed up with data plans.

This tab is found in the phone’s settings. It is referred to as Personal Hotspot on iOS (iPhone) and Mobile Hotspot on Android phones. It is a good saving grace in times when your internet gives up.

Screen Sharing Softwares

Not always are our words and explanations enough to convey things we want to say. There can be situations in which we say and what we mean. Screen sharing tools are great rescuers in situations like these. 

A classic example of this scenario is when a non-technical person might not be able to follow troubleshooting instructions on the phone. This can waste a lot of productive working hours. Therefore, screen sharing can allow the technical expert to deal with the matter and rectify the issue directly.

Screen sharing softwares ensures a lot of convenience and efficiency in conduct of work. Sometimes instead of calling and explaining the expected conduct, the matters can be taken into consideration directly by mutual understanding of two people.

Video Conference Apps

Lack of physical interface in remote working can hamper a lot of work relationships. But, these relationships can still sustain in a remote set up and a virtual meet can be arranged through video conferencing applications. 

The video conferencing applications ensure a lot of people can get together virtually at the same time. It ensures the team meeting culture and ensures that work relationships still sustain in remote set up. 

Further, camaraderie can be ensured through events like virtual get togethers, meetings and conferences that can render a lot of support in sustenance of the team spirit. Important announcements can be made on video conference calls than just emails. 

Team Chat Applications

The bonding between team mates suffers a great deal when working virtually. In such a scenario, team spirit is kept alive with the team chat applications.

Investing in team chat applications and tools ensures that the friendly culture sustains in the workplace. 

It keeps up the motivation in the team and an open culture of dialogue. Teams are an inherent part of our working and no one works in solace. Chat applications ensure that the team spirit sustains. 


Remote working does create a great deal of inconvenience with respect to lack of infrastructural facility. Even for something as basic as a fax, not having access to a fax machine can impact the very functioning of the business. 

Tools like CocoFax ensure that the remote working can be as effective and efficient like in normal working scenarios. It also lessens the dependency and maintenance of a fax machine. All you need is a CocoFax subscription and all your faxing worries will sublimate. 

You can attain more information on CocoFax and how it is the go-to virtual fax enabling platform. It saves time and ensures efficient flow of business functions!
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