Methods Of Making A Transparent Background In Paint

People face problems while making a transparent background in paint. You can get confused with the option Transparent Selection. In the select tool under Image group, you will find this option. This option can be turned on and off by users.

You may think by using this option, you can make a transparent background. But you cannot fix the issue how to make transparent background in paint. This option works with the white background only. Try this option following the steps.

Procedure of Making a Transparent Background

Procedure of Making a Transparent Background

Under the Image group, you will find Select tool, click on it to see the option Transparent Selection.

On the next step you have to select an area on the image. The area has to hold a part of image and a white background part.

Then you have to copy the selected part and paste to another place of the image.

You will find the white part of the selected area is transparent. But the image’s white part will not be transparent anymore when you will save the image.

Luckily, you can use a hack to fix the issue how to make background transparent in paint. You have to make this hack work using Microsoft PowerPoint. If the Microsoft PowerPoint is installed in your device already, you can use the hack now. Following the instructions, make a transparent background of any image.

First, you have to put the image into the Microsoft PowerPoint, which you want to edit.

Click on that image.

Open the Adjust group which you will get in the Picture Tools. Then select the Color.

Choose Set Transparent Color. Your mouse cursor will attach a color section tool. Then you have to select the color from your picture, which you want to erase.

You will find the color is being erased at that moment. Then you have to save it by choosing the option Save as picture that you will get right-clicking the picture.

From Save as type dropdown menu, you have to choose PNG. You will find this menu in the dialogue box called Save As Pictures.

Note : If the background color is there in the other places of the image, it will be erased also

Hopefully, by going through the whole article you have fixed the issue how to make a transparent background in paint. And you have got the picture with transparent background using paint.

Frequently asked questions

How to remove the background color using paint net?

  • Click on the Paint Bucket
  • Select More from the Colors window
  • You have to set the Opacity -Alpha slider on the left
  • Set the Flood Mode to Global and Blend Mode to Overwrite, on the toolbar.
  • Then you have to click on the white area.

How to make an image transparent?

Select the picture which you want to make transparent areas in. In the Adjust group, on the Format tab, under the Picture Tool, select the Recolor option. Then choose the Set Transparent Color and select the color from the image which you are wishing to make transparent.