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Modern students use computers and laptops for their studies a lot. They use them to research information, complete assignments, and do other tasks faster and easier. But while such gadgets can be very helpful, they can be distracting too. And it is very important eliminating windows distraction

When you get on your laptop to complete an assignment, it can be easy to get stuck on a distracting app and kill your productivity. But it doesn’t mean that your academic success is in danger. After all, you can always find a trusted paper writing helper to write my essay cheap and easily get high grades. Still, knowing how to remove distractions or ways eliminating windows distraction from your PC is a valuable skill that will come in handy in your studies and future career.

To help you get on the right track, we’ve gathered the top five simple hacks eliminating windows distraction to help you make your Windows computer distraction-free. Let’s dive in!

Get Rid of Notifications

Notifications from various apps are probably the most distracting feature on your computer. When you start working on your essay or another assignment and see that you have a new friend request on Facebook or a new message on Instagram, it is sure tempting to check out your social networks. The same happens with other notifications. So, if you want to stay productive, you want to keep them off. At least during your study sessions.

To do this, go to SettingsSystemNotifications & Actions and turn off the switch next to the Get notifications for apps and other senders option. Alternatively, you can also disable notifications for a selection of apps. But for more productivity, we recommend switching them off completely.

Leverage the Right Tools

It is not exactly a Windows hack. Still, it is one of the most effective productivity tips for students who work a lot on their computers.

There are plenty of convenient Windows apps that can make your study sessions more productive. Here are a few great distraction-blocking tools for Windows:

  • Freedom
  • Serene
  • Cold Turkey Blocker
  • LeechBlock NG (for browser)

Pro tip: If you still get distracted or just don’t want to work on your assignments right now, there is always a possibility to hire a writing service to write my lab report for best price and get your homework done by real pros. Use this trick as a backup plan for your studies!

Turn Off the Clock on the Taskbar

Whether studying for an exam, writing an essay, or doing any other kind of work on your computer, you will typically want to track the time in the process. Due to this reason, the clock is one of the most important tools on your PC’s taskbar.

However, in many cases, students tend to pay more attention to the clock than to the tasks they have at hand, especially when the assignment is tedious and boring. This can be very distracting. So, here is a guide on how to turn off your clock on Windows:

  • Go to SettingsPersonalizationTaskbar
  • Find the block called “Notification area” and click the Turn system icons on or off button
  • Find the Clock option and turn it off

This way, you won’t be able to see time in your notification area and will be able to work more productively.

Turn Off Live Tile Updates

In Windows, Live Tiles are the interactive elements of your PC’s start menu meant to keep you updated on what’s going on in your digital life without having to open different apps. The tiles can inform you about the mail or messages you receive, give an overview of the recent news, etc. Often, this feature can be rather helpful. But when you’ve got work to do, you really don’t want to spend too much time in your start menu, checking updates.

To get rid of distracting Live Tiles, go straight to your Start Menu, right-click each tile and unpin them. After you do this, you can rest assured that every time you will need to go to the menu to open a work-related file or app, you won’t get stuck checking updates irrelevant to your tasks.

Remove Suggestions

To make your user experience more convenient, Windows displays suggestions in the Start menu and the taskbar of your computer. These suggestions recommend you to go to certain apps that you use most often, which will typically include different social media and games.

If you don’t want to feel tempted to open distracting apps during your study sessions, follow these steps:

  • Go to SettingsSystemNotifications & Actions
  • Find the Get tips, tricks, and suggestions option and turn it off

Doing this will let you stay more focused during your work and eliminate annoying pop-ups.

The Bottom Line

While a computer or laptop is an irreplaceable tool in every modern student’s toolkit, we can’t argue with the fact that these gadgets hide plenty of distractions that can kill your study sessions. Endless notifications, updates, and other distractions can stop you from completing your tasks on time. But not anymore.

After reading this article, you know exactly what to do to make your Windows gadgets distraction-free. Use these tricks to become your most productive self!

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