Video Players You Will Ever Need For Your Next Movie Marathon

The creation of TV has got us hooked on TV dramas, news, movies, and other entertainment the big screens offered us years ago and today. As digitalization takes over, we can access these types of video content anywhere and fast. 

With just our smartphones, we can now watch motion pictures from the palm of our hands. Gone are the days when we have to hurry to our houses just to watch our favorite shows or pay big bucks just to go to the cinemas. With just the internet, we can download replays in an instant. Get to know the right video player for your phone today!

MX Player

With Android smartphone users being the most used devices out there, MX Player is the popular choice for an android video player. Aside from its smooth and great interface, it boasts several exquisite features that smartphone users value the most for watching videos.

MX Player supports hardware acceleration and multi-core coding, so it won’t diminish the quality. You will still have the ultimate viewing experience with just your mobile phone or device with this video app.

There’s more The device also has a swipe and screen lock feature to keep your video safe from interruption. If you want to up the level of your video watching, you can install more of its plug-ins on Google Play. However, the app has a lot of banner ads, so better sign up for its Pro version.

VLC Media Player

This player is popular both for PC use and on Android devices. Despite its do or die for volumes, which is perfect for many video content, it supports every video format. So kiss goodbye to multiple video ads on your device and just download VLC’s mobile video player.

VLC Media Player also has adaptive streaming, network streaming, and supports video qualities such as the 360-degree videos and 8K format, making it your ultimate video player for your Android devices.

This android video player lets you play audio files, and it includes several audio features such as an equalizer and filters. It can also play many audio formats available on the market! The best part is it’s ad-free! It sounds awesome, right? You might wonder if it has hidden plug-ins to purchase. There’s none.


This video player is one of the best ones preferred by android users in 2019. KMPlayer supports several file formats and codecs. What makes this video viewing app awesome is it supports subtitles while apps just don’t show them at all. The subtitle feature allows you to customize and control the subtitles. Say ‘hello’ to endless international dramas!

But the subtitle feature is not the only thing that sets this apart from other video player apps on Google. Aside from being able to play video from your SD card, you can also view its contents and the ones stored on your Google Drive too! No need to fill your phone memory with movies and series anymore.

KMPlayer also allows you to store 3D videos and play online 3D videos. It is also available in 30 languages. The video player app also includes complete features for any video player, such as playback speed controls, one-finger gesture volume control, and brightness control. 


Do you need your private videos to be protected? XPlayer gives you the privacy you need for these types of content. This video player app is one of the best-rated apps on Google Play for its capability to smoothly play 4K and Ultra HD files, perfect for videos today. The HD feature also has advanced settings so you can change the speed without destroying its quality.

More to XPlayer is its Night Mode. You don’t have to worry about the bright background of several video players right now in the market. Besides that, it shows you file details like the storage and quality, and it makes files sharing easier with anyone you know.

Videos can also be by list or grid for preferred viewing and can be sorted by name, date, and size, similar to the files in your computers. Similar to the VLC Player, this one doesn’t have in-app purchases.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

Want to see your movie titles just like in the movie theaters? PlayerXtreme organizes your media in a poster view format, so it will be easy to choose what to watch next. This video works wonders with its built-in subtitles downloader that lets you sync subtitles in a flash! 

With the subtitle feature, you can add the lyrics to any music you want! Aside from audio, it also supports many video formats and has an easy control playback. This video app also goes the extra mile as it allows you to share other types of media such as music, photos, and videos to your friend via social media!

PlayerXtrema lets you video stream directly from your NAS drive and other websites. Its viewing experience is also enhanced by hardware acceleration, making it the best video player app for all your needs!

Video Player Checklist

Still not satisfied with our list? Google Play still has a lot of video players for your Android Device that you can try out. But if you want to download the best one for your device, you must check out these important features. 

Video Compatibility

With the several video formats nowadays, your video app should be able to support formats more than just the 3GP and MP4 types, such as the MKV and WebM. Some phones have different video formats, so always choose one app that can support many videos.

Complete Controls

Some players don’t offer complete controls to maximize your viewing experience. Always check on reviews if they offer several playback controls and other features. Also, keep in mind that playback controls should be accessible since other players have floating buttons, which ruins the movie time.


Android phones have given us access to several video entertainment that was available just through our TVs and cinemas. Start downloading movies, series, and funny videos on your smartphones and start watching them anytime with these Android video player apps.

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