Video Resume: Tips and Tricks for Success

A revolution for some, a useless document for others, the video resume is one of the most recent resume models. If it is well done, it can certainly allow you to stand out from other candidates. However, it is important to choose your field of activity before sending a video resume because there are certain sectors that do not accept this type of CV. But how to make it successful? What can be said in this type of CV and how should it be presented? Here is all you need to know.

Why make a video resume?

If you haven’t heard of this type of CV yet, then read on. The video CV is a new, more original way of presenting yourself professionally, whether it’s for a job search, at a conference, or to find an internship. The fact of making a video resume proves to your recruiter that you are perfectly following the trends even in the professional world.

The video CV is classified as an original CV because it is not created on the basis of pre-required information. It was created to allow you to highlight your skills, whether technical, linguistic, computer or other. It is a true complement to your application that must present your professional background, your qualifications, and your qualities. In other words, it is the video version of a written resume, but it highlights your assets. Before creating it, make sure you have chosen the right electronic resume template for your needs among the online resume templates. The information mentioned in the template should be included in your video CV.

If you know how to do it, your video CV should allow you to present yourself in the best light. You will more easily convince the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for this or that position.

The 2 different forms of video CV

Well before giving you the best advice to create your video CV, you should know that there are 2 different forms of video CV: the first one is a video of you in front of the camera and the second one where you are absent. But in both cases, your video CV must present your qualities thanks to the mix of your written CV and your cover letter.

The video CV is not the reading of a written CV and your cover letter. It is the complete presentation of all the information written in these 2 documents. In short, this type of CV should allow you to present yourself professionally in all circumstances so that your recruiter can be interested in working with you.

How to make a video resume?

To make a successful video resume, you need to follow certain rules. Firstly, to make a video resume, get the quality equipment required for this. You must invest a few hundred euros to get a video resume. For this, you need either a smartphone of the latest generation, or a high-end camera to film yourself. It’s like taking selfies but in video version and not photo. You must be very careful about the quality of the video you send because it could damage your image.

You can invest in equipment from major brands such as Sony, Canon or Panasonic which are really distinguished by their HD resolution.

But what to say in a video resume?

Creating a video CV is not like writing a written CV. It cannot be improvised. You need to include as much important information about yourself as possible, not like a written CV that is limited to one or two pages.

Before filming yourself in front of the camera, write a brief script of what you are going to say in your video resume beforehand. To help you make sure you don’t forget anything, keep in mind that all the headings must be mentioned. Try to read and reread this script in a natural way as to remain professional in your video CV and to remain calm during the shooting. Above all, don’t be afraid because unlike interviews, you can film yourself alone in your room or office. It will be a perfect opportunity to say everything.

Practice several times if necessary. In order for all your skills to be highlighted, you must not miss anything in your CV. Make sure that everything is said. And add soft skills to make you stand out from the rest. For example, creativity, organizational skills, interpersonal skills, public speaking and leadership are all highly sought after qualities in any sector.

When you are satisfied with your video, you can record it and send it by e-mail to the recruiters. And don’t add anything to your application as a P.J. because the recruiter will be able to ignore this document while he is focused on your video.

How to present a video resume?

In addition to the video itself, the content and format of a video resume should also be well thought out. Don’t jump into shooting a video resume if you don’t yet know how it should look. You can rely on the advice of a professional or an online resume generator to know what procedure to follow to make a good video resume.

To work well with the form and content of a video resume, make sure that it is not too heavy or that it does not stop every 2 seconds. To avoid this problem, opt for a shorter format. Also, recruiters who receive hundreds of applications may not have time to watch your video resume until the end. Check your video and compress it before sending it to make sure everything is fine. In short, your video resume should be formal, dynamic and concise.

Also, be sure to include appropriate subtitles in your video resume so that recruiters can follow it. On that note, as in a written CV, opt for a professional and readable font and add less colors and designs so as not to bore its reading. 

Finally, during the filming, since this is a professional video, be careful with your clothing. Avoid sexy and fancy clothes, in red or striped so as not to hurt the eyes of your recruiters. Instead, choose correct clothing in neutral or less vivid tones, just like when you go to an interview.

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