Outsourced web development: when is it relevant and what is the benefit?

Like previous eras, the time of digital technologies has come quickly and suddenly. The protracted pandemic, due to which most of the processes simply spilled over into the online format, and the all-powerful Internet with a huge number of services and entertainment have finally shifted the scales towards the digital universe. Today it is no secret that the trends of AI, mobile technologies and online shopping will only gain popularity. The dedicated software development team works for this.

Everything is simple and obvious – the consumer likes to choose and have at hand services to meet growing needs. Digital products play a special role in this concept, as almost every consumer will soon have a mobile device. 100% coverage is what global corporations dream of, deliberately pushing progress in the right direction. From this we can draw a simple conclusion – web applications and similar technologies will only increase their relevance in the near future.

Two words about the important

By default, there are several approaches to organizing the production process of mobile or web applications. Leaving the simple truths that only a balanced and qualitative approach is needed, three areas can be distinguished:

  • Web Development with the help of a full-time team of specialists.
  • Austaff format. Hiring third-party specialists with the ability to control and supervise the production process.
  • Outsourcing. Ordering a turnkey product by an external team.

Each method has strengths and weaknesses. In general, outsourcing has proven itself well in the face of a limited budget and tight deadlines. Indeed, today the issue of efficiency is on a par with resources and even technology.

Money is needed now, while the market is ready to accept your offers, and not tomorrow, when it may turn out that the conditions of competition have already developed not in your favor.

By entrusting the web development of the application to an external team, the owner can save budget, and time and improve the quality of the product. Based on these circumstances, more than 50% percent of IT product customers at least once resorted to the services of an external contractor. Therefore, today database development services are very popular and help to develop businesses.

What to look for when choosing a team?

Before hiring performers, it is important to fulfill several conditions and check potential candidates for compliance:

  • Formulation of terms of reference and requirements for the application. The first and most important stage, since the finished work will be accepted based on the requirements set in the TOR. In addition, the formulation of requirements largely affects the complexity of the web development process, and hence the cost.
  • Search for developers of IT solutions for a suitable profile. In the face of a huge number of proposals, you can afford to choose candidates with the most suitable profile experience.
  • Check portfolio and positive reviews. The portfolio is perhaps the most public artifact when choosing an outsourcing contractor. This has its own logic, since not every entrepreneur will want to entrust his project to beginners. At the same time, there are many cases where the involvement in the work process and lively interest outweigh the disadvantages of a “thin” portfolio.
  • Definition of business model. The customer has the opportunity to work in the our staff format, when only ordinary employees are hired with the ability to manage a full-time manager or outsourcing, where the customer company receives a turnkey solution.
  • Payment model. Different regions of the world have different approaches to the issue of wages.
    In the USA, the hourly payment approach remains the priority, while in the CIS countries advance payment and payment after the work is completed are considered optimal.

To search for an outsourcing team, you can use specialized sites, freelancer sites, and social networks. It is better to pay attention to specialized sites where it is possible to view reviews, study portfolios, ratings, and ask a question of interest online. It is advisable to choose a contractor who already has a positive experience in your product niche. Also, a professional team can be attracted through a developer blog or a B2B company directory.

Maria Colombo
Maria Colombo
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