What do we think about “Where the heart leads”?


Where the Heart Leads is a most recent adventure PS exclusive title that has taken the gaming industry by a storm. It was released on 13th of July and has got almost everyone talking about it and that is for many strong reasons. The strong character development and a deep story has gripped everyone and people just can’t get enough of its magic. Here is what we think about the game.

The game kicks off with the protagonist named Whit waking up in the middle of night just to discover a gigantic sink-hole that has just opened outside his farm. His dog tries to investigate but sadly falls down the hole. So Whit does what needs to be done and climbs down the unknown to save his beloved pooch. The game gets into high gear from here, I can’t help but wonder how beautiful and deep this game actually is.

As Whit travels down the sink-hole, he suddenly finds himself in a surreal world in which he finds his whole life unfold, one event after the other as it actually took place in his life. It’s a world in which minor decisions are going to lead to big consequences years later. You will find yourself trying to help Whit solve his family problems all along, you will help him make amends and whatnot. This takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as a player and you start to relate with the game in just a few hours in the game.

However the game doesn’t really offer much interaction and you might feel helpless in the middle of long conversations without having much to do. The game stretches a lot without having anything to offer but the story. That might sound really tedious but the game is actually very gripping and the way developers have used 3D graphics kind of make you feel like you have landed in some fantasy world which reminds me of the Borderlands series, which was very well appreciated for its unconventional look. And there is a point where the game does throw some emotional blows at you which makes it quite engaging.

People are already saying that Where the Heart Leads is one of the best narrative-based video games that they have ever played and this exactly because of its narrative retaining that aesthetic and emotional depth that is required to make a game big in the genre. Another most strikingly beautiful thing about this game is how every character opens up a whole new story for Whit to fix and take care of.

Overall the game is really great and worth the time, the watercolor visuals are really appealing. Players might experience some minor glitches and bugs like a conversation not starting on the right time and some other petty issues but in my case, I choose to overlook all those flaws and look at the beautiful narrative of this game that actually had my heart for the while I played the game. And the best thing about this game is the way it creates a sense of responsibility and love towards our loved ones, how it makes us reflect onto our past as well as the future. It has had an amazing impact on me not just as a player but a person with heart.

It makes you realize how beautiful life is and how lucky we are to have our families and loved ones close to us, whom we can share our whole life with and care for each other. This is something that I have never seen in any other games out there and this alone is a reason enough to play this at least once in our life.

Where the Heart Leads is a perfect mix of being fun, cheery, dark and gloomy at the same time which gives it that required depth. I absolutely think this gem is one of those rare gems that is going to make players think about their choices and decisions in real life which is such a positive thing about this game and surely something that deserves enough credit.


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