What is the Best Way to Learn Cloud Computing Online?

Cloud solutions are being adopted at a rapid pace by companies. Companies such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure) and Google (Google Cloud) have taken advantage of this by offering the industry’s best cloud solutions. And these are just a few of the available cloud computing platforms. There are other well-known ones like IBM, VMware, and others that offer similar solutions. The question is not how experienced you are but ‘what do you intend to learn?’ There are both free and paid courses available. Some may offer free trials, which you can use to try the course and check its suitability before you buy it. Whereas, others may also have courses with hands-on virtual labs. 

Learning resources are available for the cloud professional regardless of their experience level, whether they have started in the industry or have years of experience. In this guide, we present how to learn data science in the competitive environment of cloud computing. If you wish to become a pro in cloud computing, this guide will be helpful to you.

Cloud computing – what is it?

Cloud computing enables you to access your computing power through the internet and pay for it as you use it rather than investing heavily in software, hardware, and databases. These cloud solutions now include services like servers, networking, software, storage, analytics, databases, and business intelligence. Business IT solutions can be developed, innovated, and supported with the speed, scalability, and flexibility that cloud computing provides. Among the areas where cloud computing is more effective than traditional information technologies are:

  • Cost-reduced capital expenditures,
  • Speed-provisioned space that can be set aside for development and testing elastically,
  • Global scale-available for development and testing,
  • Productivity-improved collaboration, customer isolation, and predictable performance.
  • Reliability-fault-tolerant, scalable, distributed systems across the cloud-native ecosystem
  • Performance with better price and performance for cloud-native workloads.
  • Reliability- distributed, fault-tolerant, scalable systems across the cloud-native ecosystem 

Business processes portray how work is done from start to finish. They are a decent method for depicting how individuals cooperate today, how they might want to cooperate, and how they will form the work with the presentation of new cloud innovation. With an incorporated cloud arrangement, associations are better prepared to oversee and evaluate the expenses and advantages of innovation projects. For associations that battle with separated business cycles and information storehouses, the cloud offers a method for changing their business activities. With the cloud, there’s no need to reevaluate the cycle wheel. Full-scale cloud application suites are not interchangeable. Still, they are associated with taking out information storehouses and empowering combination and smart business choices, and observing a cloud supplier that gives each of the three layers of the cloud-in associated and exceptional ways-is fundamental. Additionally, organizations need a total, incorporated stage with astute arrangements at each layer. You can do this by taking the best comprehensive Great Learning cloud computing courses online for working professionals with at least 3 years of IT/tech experience and earning a certification. This will help you become an expert in cloud computing.

What is the best way to learn Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a modern technological approach for companies. This approach has enabled companies to change how they build and maintain their digital Infrastructure as it allows them to use a cloud server to share resources over the internet. It is a more efficient, faster, and cost-effective solution. Many still ask, What is cloud computing? What would be the best way to learn cloud computing? This is what this blog intends to help you with. In fact, you would be surprised to know about the various career opportunities that are booming in this domain.  And to address this growing demand, there are many cloud computing courses. 

Just relax! The internet is an expanse of data, and you can realize anything you desire in distributed computing. However, this requires a tremendous amount of energy to get everything rolling with distributed computing. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that; This article assists you with discovering the absolute best assets to gain distributed computing without any preparation.

Check your basic skills in Windows, Linux, and networking are enough to start a career in cloud computing. Understanding the Fundamentals of Cloud computing will be important to make Linux the primary operating system on the IAAS platform because most companies that work with web applications use Linux systems. For instance, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform are based on Linux techniques. So after getting an idea about cloud computing. Learn The concepts of “Linux” and “Networking.” Then taking advanced courses in AWS may help you further your career.

Courses In Cloud Computing online

Distributed computing includes figuring administrations like data sets, capacity, servers, programming, organizing, and managing the knowledge. With organizations progressively moving towards the cloud for their framework, Cloud Computing is becoming a basic ability. The organizations would lean toward an IT expert or programming designer having a Cloud accreditation. Doing a Cloud Computing course is beneficial as most applications will be made and sent to the cloud from here on out. To the ones working in innovation in any case of the gig job, Cloud Computing would eventually influence the work.

The Great Learning cloud computing course syllabus includes:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services
  • In the course on AWS cloud, concepts like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS are provided, along with examples. The course makes it easy to learn about the cloud and its benefits, especially since AWS is the most popular Cloud platform. Experiential learning on AWS will help improve a resume.
  • Azure by Microsoft
  • The Microsoft Cloud Computing course is ideal for developing a career in Cloud Computing and qualifying for the Azure Fundamentals exam. This Microsoft Cloud course includes four courses that serve as the foundation for learning about Cloud Computing. It offers knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud concepts, core Azure services, and core solutions and management tools.


As you have now acquired the basic knowledge of cloud computing prerequisites, it is time to embark on the cloud computing course offered by Great Learning. Utilize concepts with 90 cloud services, work on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and DevOps, and take part in 15 exciting hands-on labs & business-relevant projects. It is a known fact that there is no chance of achieving any certifications online without practicing. But, this course is available exclusively online to learn at your own pace.

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