What Makes Big Sur Alluring?

With time love fades, but the craving for Macintosh Operating System is not diminishing with it. On the contrary, it is improving day by day.  The reasons responsible for this are not known clearly. However, one thing is certain that this brand has a loyal fan following. Also, with time it has incorporated changes required. Although not all alterations have proven beneficial, yet it has tried to maintain the excitement of the users. The same goes for Big Sur.

Are you really thinking about what it is? Indeed not. What is Big Sur will be an irrelevant question to ask as of date. Everyone knows what it is. All this time, your eyes were glued to the unveiling of this Apple-designed operating system. After almost two decades, macOS 11 has been revealed at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), 2020.

Despite saying this, it is also true that you are still unaware of all the new features introduced in it. So, here is your chance to learn more about it without getting confused in the maze of the Mac world.

Features of Big Sur

If you are using MacBook Air or Pro (2013, 2015, or newer), then you may opt for Big Sur. In addition to this, you may also choose this new macOS 11 for Mac mini and iMac (2014 or newer), iMac Pro (2017). You can avail all the below mentioned features of Big Sur.

Centralized Control

Now, you do not have to look here and there for your favorite menu bar. You can find all options under one umbrella of the control center. Unfortunately, many users have experienced Bluetooth problems on Big Sur. However, you may seek help online concerning such small issues. Nonetheless, press the icon, and you will be able to control different things, such as accessibility, mode settings, AirDrop, etc.

Improved Safari

Safari is everyone’s favorite on mac. Now, it brings double happiness for all mac lovers. It is faster than earlier and can stream videos of longer hours incessantly. Beta enables you to translate languages more efficiently. Apart from this, safari extensions are secure and safe for developers to work on. You may learn to make your bespoke start page with your favorites with the help of Siri Suggestions.

Smart Messages

The most intriguing feature of messages in Big Sur is that it helps you rejoice each moment with message effects. You can personalize the messages and add balloons to show your happiness.  You can pin multiple conversations. From Emoji stickers to searching GIFs, you can add all these effortlessly in your conversation anytime with Big Sur.

Handy Maps

Now you can locate any place and learn about congested lanes from macOS 11 maps options in a smarter way. You can even learn about license plate restrictions in countries like China. In addition to this, the map features of this amazing Apple Operating system ensure you develop your guides and share it with your friends.

Wrapping Up

Big Sur has created a sensation in the market, but many are still perplexed whether it is flawless or not. Perhaps that is why many are even considering choosing macOS Catalina over macOS 11. The choice is yours, as you will understand which one is more comfortable and why.

Maria Colombo
Maria Colombo
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