Which streaming service is the most popular?

streaming service

The internet is currently killing the TV star in the same way that video destroyed the radio star. One of the key reasons for this is the availability of online streaming.

At this point in time, many believe that online streaming will replace the traditional cable TV experience in the next few years. A majority of Americans already consider television an obsolete technology. Because streaming is definitely the way of the future, it is a no-brainer that the sector has grown to be worth several billion dollars.

Additionally, streaming allows customers to save money as well. You can watch unlimited original and licensed programming with minimal effort and money – all you need is a decent internet connection, a display device connected with the internet, and a streaming subscription. However, in the event that you want to keep your TV entertainment regime along with the streaming prowess while saving some bucks, I will recommend you go for a double deal. As such, you might want to explore Spectrum bundle deals to find out the best, most economical double-play and triple-play bundles.

The six most popular subscription-based streaming services in the world right now, ranked by the number of paid subscribers, are listed below.

1.    Netflix

Launch year: 1997

Primary product: TV series and movies (original and licensed)

Owned by: Netflix Inc.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 167 million

Netflix originally started as a DVD rental shop in 1997 and was founded by American entrepreneurs Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. In fact, it was the first online DVD rental store in the world.

Netflix, however, began streaming TV shows and movies in 2007. The California-based corporation now has over 167 million customers globally, making it the most popular subscription streaming service on the planet.

Presently, Netflix is more than just an on-demand video streaming platform. With in-house studios, it is now producing a number of original TV series and movies. Original Netflix shows accounted for 19 of the top 20 most popular series in 2018.

2.    Amazon Prime Video

Launch year: 2006

Primary product: TV series and movies (original and licensed)

Owned by: Amazon Inc.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 150 million

Of course, Amazon is recognized as the leading e-commerce retailer around the globe. Yet, Amazon as a corporation is now involved in a far broader spectrum of services. The American firm, through Prime Video, provides a streaming service that is only accessible to Amazon Prime members, a premium feature for Amazon customers.

Amazon Prime Video was first introduced in 2006 as “Amazon Unbox,” until being renamed as “Amazon Instant Video.”  It was given its current name, “Amazon Prime Video” in 2011.

Around 150 million people have signed up for Amazon Prime and, as a result, Prime Video. Amazon’s streaming service has been offering original programming developed at Amazon’s production studio since 2016.

3.    HBO Max

Launch year: 2010

Primary product: TV series and movies (original)

Owned by: AT&T Inc.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 140 million

HBO (Home Box Office) is primarily a cable television network in the United States. HBO couldn’t ignore the fact that viewership was shifting towards the internet at the dawn of the twenty-first century and launched a streaming service named “HBO Broadband” in 2008, which was only offered to HBO customers in the state of Wisconsin.

HBO then followed up in 2010 with the launch of HBO Go across the United States. The rest of the globe soon followed suit. HBO Go has subsequently been replaced with “HBO Max” in the United States.

HBO, by whatever name it is known, today has 140 million users worldwide, making it the world’s third most popular subscription-based streaming platform. Every series or movie that HBO customers can view on any HBO subscription is produced by the now AT&T-owned HBO studios, as is all HBO programming.

4.    Spotify

Launch year: 2008

Primary product: Music

Owned by: Spotify Technology S.A.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 124 million

Spotify is the most popular music subscription streaming service on the planet, as well as the fourth most popular subscription-based streaming platform overall.

Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, two Swedish entrepreneurs, founded Spotify. The music industry was forever transformed by this streaming service. Spotify has effectively shifted the product “music” from the CD to the internet, similar to how Netflix moved the product “film” from the DVD to the internet.

Spotify, which is now based in Luxembourg, boasts a global subscriber base of 124 million people. And, this number continues to rise year after year.

5.    Apple Music

Launch year: 2015

Primary product: Music

Owned by: Apple Inc.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 62 million

Apple Music rounds out the top five most popular streaming services worldwide. Apple Music was launched in 2015 and represents the American tech company’s music streaming service.

Despite Spotify’s popularity, Apple’s former and renowned CEO Steve Jobs had always opposed the idea of a subscription-based music streaming service. However, after Jobs’ death in 2011, the new Apple leadership could not ignore the dramatic shift in the music industry towards the internet. It is also worth noting that Apple made the service available to non-iOS and non-Mac users as well.

Apple Music now has 62 million global customers. As a result, it is the second most widely used music streaming service.

6.    Amazon Music

Launch year: 2007

Primary product: Music

Owned by: Amazon Inc.

The number of worldwide subscribers: approx. 55 million

Previously known as Amazon MP3, Amazon Music is a music streaming service developed by Amazon. It was launched in 2007 to let users stream and download their favorite albums, songs, playlists, and more.

Amazon Music has over 50 million ad-free songs available for purchase with no ads or interruptions. It can be used on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, tvOS, HTML5, Amazon Echo, Fire OS, and Amazon Alexa.

Since 2019, users can access Amazon Music HD that offers lossless music quality, the highest level of available streaming audio.

Wrapping Up

With so many streaming services available, it can be hard to choose. We have listed the most popular ones here for you today, so you can compare them and see which one is best for your needs.

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