Why You Can’t Sign Into Outlook

Similar to other software, the Microsoft Outlook, too, is susceptible to malfunctioning and other glitches. And if you are one of those users who refer to the Microsoft Outlook as the central email service, the chances for you to experience plenty of error notifications, as well as bugs, are high. The annoying message that appears before the users stating that something went wrong, bars you from signing in. There exist various causes which may lead to the appearance of the common complaint that the users can’t sign into Outlook. For example, a faulty or corrupted file present in the browser or a series of errors in Microsoft’s servers.

However, this article deals with the solutions to resolve this annoying complication which pops up before the users time and again. Therefore, without further delay, let us progress to the successive section which holds the effective procedures to troubleshoot the complaint can’t log in to Outlook.

The 7 Brilliant Methods to Fix the Can’t Sign into Outlook Issue

Now that you know how the error can hinder the regular workflow, it is about time you must proceed to the underlying chronological methods to fix the error. From Hotmail, Outlook 365 to the Outlook web app, this article aims to troubleshoot the common complaint of the users that they can’t sign into Outlook. The problems regarding the logging in are very frequent and the users find it very annoying since it completely disrupts the otherwise seamless workflow. The essential messages and data stored in the mail remain inaccessible until the error is eradicated completely. However, stick through in order to know all the effective methods to treat the annoying problem.

Procedure 1: Inspect the Antivirus

In case you fail to access the Outlook, the root cause can be the antivirus which the system holds. If you can’t sign into Outlook, make sure to examine the antivirus settings. Also, ensure that Outlook and similar other websites are not blocked. In case, all the matters are in order in the terms of the settings, proceed to disable the antimalware software and inspect if that helps in any way. And if the problem persists, this may indicate the necessity to eradicate the antivirus entirely. Now, once you remove the software, proceed to restart the computer system and then examine if it still makes its presence known.

Procedure 2: Clear the Browser Cache, Cookies, as well as Internet History

The presence of a faulty or corrupt browser can trigger this error to manifest and annoy the users. Therefore, prior to trying anything else, make sure to clear the browsing data present on the current browser. This enables you to connect. In most cases, the issue is related to the cache. In order to resolve it, clear the cache in the browser. Follow the underlying dedicated steps carefully and have the problem fixed in no time.

  • Firstly, choose the icon of the Menu present in the top right corner and then choose Settings.
  • Then, scroll down and then click on the Advanced button.
  • After that, locate the option to Clear browsing data and then click it.
  • Set the Time range to All Time and then tick all options. After that, click on the Clear data button.

Finally, after clearing the cache, make an attempt to login to the Outlook web application and then inspect if the problem is attended to. However, if you still can’t sign into Outlook, then proceed to the successive procedure.

Procedure 3: Examine if The Microsoft Servers are Down

In case you fail to connect from any browser, it means that something is wrong with the servers of Microsoft. If their servers are down, there’s basically nothing one can execute in order to connect to their respective Outlook accounts but to keep patience and wait for the Microsoft to get servers back online once again. In this way, the complaint of the users that they can’t sign into Outlook is attended to with care.

Procedure 4: Employ the Outlook Application for Windows 10

Microsoft released their official application for Mail for the Windows 10 integrated into the system. Also, the application is updated regularly and performs pretty seamlessly for most users. Using the official application of Outlook for the Windows 10 can also remove the flashing of the error and resume the regular everyday tasks. This can also treat the can’t sign into Outlook comprehensively.

Procedure 5: Ensure that Microsoft and Outlook Cookies are Enabled

Several websites depend on cookies in order to function properly, and if you block these cookies from the Microsoft or the Outlook, you might confront certain problems. Most users informed that they treated the can’t login to Outlook issue simply by making certain alterations in their browser. To do that, just adhere to the underlying steps.

  • Tap the Menu button present in the top right corner after which you must choose the Settings from the Menu.
  • Then, scroll all the way down and click on Advanced in order to exhibit the advanced settings. After that, select the Content settings.
  • Next, from the menu, select the Popups. There, in the Allow section, tap on the Add button. Then, insert both the URLs of the Microsoft as well as the Outlook to the list.

After enabling the popups from those two websites, the complication must be fixed, and finally, the users will be able to access the Outlook yet again.

Procedure 6: Update the Browsers

At times, this problem can manifest if the browser is out of date. And if you are receiving the error which makes you say that you can’t sign into Outlook, you can attempt to update the browser and inspect if that is helpful. However, for the most part, the browser will examine and search for updates automatically. Also, you can always search for updates in a manual way by conducting the following:

  • Firstly, open Google Chrome (if that’s the browser you are using) and click on the Menu icon present in the top corner at the right.
  • Then, choose Help and proceed to the About Google Chrome.
  • After this, a new tab tends to open and the browser attempts to check and search for the updates available.

In case any updates are ready for download, the system installs them automatically. And once your browser is up to date, the issue must be settled. But, if otherwise, refer to the underlying procedure for the fix.

Procedure 7: Reinstall the Browser

You may keep receiving the error consistently while making an attempt to access the Outlook web application. And this signifies that the browser may be faulty or is having some issue. Several users have reported this issue in the Firefox got fixed instantly after reinstalling. However, note that this issue isn’t associated with Firefox alone and that it can manifest in any other browser. Therefore, in case you experience the can’t sign into Outlook problem in your browser, make sure to reinstall it and then inspect if that helps.

There exist multiple methods to reinstall the application. The common method might just work perfectly for most users. But, at times it is mandatory to kill all the files as well as registry entries associated with the browser. Also, any unused files from your browser can trigger this issue to appear once again. And therefore, we suggest to completely eradicate the browser and then reinstall it afresh.

In this way, a confused soul can have the can’t sign into Outlook fixed entirely with their own hands and with the help from this detailed guide. The troubleshooting procedures of this error are extremely easy and you can have it resolved within time. However, in case the problem stays adamant and refuses to stop flashing the error message, it is best to consult an expert for troubleshooting the complication which the system shows, in a hassle-free manner.

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