Why Discord Notifications not Working? Fix The Error on Windows 10


There is a bug that keeps irritating the Discord users in the form of an error message “Discord notifications not working“.  The issue may appear without any prior notice. We all know Discord provides the most secure voice and text chat features while you are playing online games along with your friends. But this quick and easy-to-setup, freeware VOIP app can also face technical breaches, which are hard to eradicate.

A single error can occur due to various reasons such as the introduction of a bug after the latest update, fault in the audio drivers, or incomplete installation of the Discord application. But here the prime cause is misconfiguring the Discord settings.

The most interesting fact about this error is that it has not been fixed since its appearance. But this guide is the ultimate solution to this problem. Here you get to learn some simple hacks that can resolve the problem permanently.

Fixes to Mitigate Discord Notifications not Working Error

Since a lot of users keep the Discord app open in the background, thus it leads to a lot of communication errors. The Discord mobile notifications not working is just a part of it. The direct message notification sound might be missing but you can hear other sounds like tag sounds. However, in other cases,  you are unable to hear any sound or view notifications.

Whatever the reason or its symptoms, this section can help you to learn the 3 most essential hacks. These methods if implemented accurately without any fail, can help you fix the problem at the earliest. Let us have a look at the methods.

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Basic Requirements:

At the very beginning, you must verify whether all the pre requires are fulfilled or not to receive the push notification. Take a glimpse of the list provided below and tick the ones that are already met.

  • Check if the Play Services are properly installed or not.
  • Next, verify if the device has a network connection that is stable and secure.
  • You have to note if the connection to the server is accurate.
  • Lastly, your Discord account must have proper registration to receive the push notification.

If any of these are missing, then a notification error can occur. Thus, before proceeding further, mend these points.

Method 1: Adjust the Output Device

Often, solving the problem is as simple as adjusting the audio settings. If you are unable to hear any sound associated with the notification, then the output device must be set towards some other speaker. Simply change the settings, by navigating to the Discord application. On the bottom left of the screen, you will get a gear symbol that indicates the User Settings. Click on it. Now, locate the “Voice & Video” menu and click on it. Go to the Output tab, select it and from the drop-down menu choose the output device that you prefer.

Finally, save the changes and restart the application as well as the system. Once the settings get implemented, you will be able to receive the notification as well as hear the sound. However, if you are still not capable of sorting the problem, then you need to verify the server settings.

Method 2: Reconfigure the Server Settings

If the notification sound is not the initial problem but instead you are unable to view any kind of notifications, then the problem might be associated with the Server settings. So, if you want Discord to notify you every time someone pings you or sends you a message then a little reconfiguration can help.

To change the settings of the server, click on the Discord icon to launch the application. Now, on the left pane, you will notice a Server icon, right-click on it. This action will take you to the server window, due to which you are viewing the error notification. From the menu bar, click on Notification Settings. Now, from the Server Notification Settings, select the option All Messages.

This option will help you to receive notifications for each and every message directed to you. Now, if there is more than one server, then you have to repeat the above steps for each of them. Finally, hit the Done option and save the changes.

Method 3: Update Discord Application and Windows OS

If the above method helps you, then you can also apply this method to avoid the problem in the future. However, if changing the settings is not enough, then updating the application as well as the OS can help. The manufacturers are constantly releasing a newer version of the software to combat the present bug and run-time errors.

To get the latest Windows OS

Hold down the keyboard shortcuts, Windows and I key together. Now, go to the Control Panel and select the “Updates & Security” option. This will open up the Settings window, locate and select the option “Check for updates”. Now, all you have to do is wait patiently till the system automatically finds a compatible updated version of the OS you are using. Then, the recent version of the OS will get installed on your system. Restart the system and allow the changes to get incorporated without any flaws.

To update the Discord application

Simply, open the Discord application and using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL key and R, refresh the page. This will force the application to look for any available updates. Automatically, a compatible version of the app will get downloaded and installed on your device. You might not receive any notification regarding the changes made. But once you refresh the app, you can easily check that each and every Discord notifications are visible.

Henceforth, try to update the application period, as well as, scan the whole system to eliminate the risk of technical bugs. Following this recommendation will help you to prevent Discord desktop notifications from not working problem.


If you are unable to hear any discord notifications not working android while in the middle of a gaming session, then it might create a lot of problems. Thus, simply apply the hacks mentioned in this article and fix the issue permanently. The most interesting fact about these 3 methods is that they are more than easy to implement. Even, if you are not acquainted with the technical domain, you can still perform the steps without any difficulties.

However, if the Discord notifications not working problem is still present, then there might be a fault within the speakers or in the in-built audio chip. If this is the case, then you need to replace the faulty hardware. Lastly, do not forget to share your doubts, queries, and experience with us. Post your view in the feedback box provided below.

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