Why Safari Can’t Establish A Secure Connection?

To protect your device from multiple threats popular browsers like Safari, comes along with some security settings as well. Nowadays, “Safari can’t establish a secure connection” is a popular error message encountered by the users while browsing some of the popular websites. So, if you are also stuck with in this kind of situation, then, you can study this article. This article will help you to get every single detail which you may be searching, after getting the error message. So, let’s get deeper into this article to get the answers to all the queries regarding the can’t establish a secure connection error message.

Possible Reasons for Safari Can’t Establish A Secure Connection Error Message:

Whenever you get an error, the top question which arise is that why I am getting it. If this is in your case as well, then, follow up these below lines, which will get you the answer to this enquiry.

  • Wrong entries added in DNS servers list
  • Legal Certification problem
  • Antivirus conflict
  • Network settings issue

No matter whatever is causing the error, you can solve it with the methods as explained below. The methods are not only simple to follow but as well as result oriented in solving the Safari can’t establish a secure connection error.

Effects of Can’t Establish A Secure Connection Error on Safari:

There are several effects which becomes a challenge to the users to deal with after getting the can’t establish a secure connection error message, while loading a website page. The challenge may include that you are in a hurry and the webpage is not open in Safari. You may take the help of a different browser to do the task at that instant, but it will not be the permanent solution for the error. To learn the effective methods to solve the can’t establish a secure connection on Safari error, check out this below section.

Fix Safari Can’t Establish A Secure Connection Error With Effective Methods

Now, here we begin to describe the methods with the help of which many of the users gets effective results in solving the Safari can’t establish a secure connection error.

Manage DNS Servers

The present entries in the DNS servers section, can be a factor which is responsible for the Safari can’t establish a secure connection. If this is the case, then you will be able to fix this by following the instructions as stated below.

  1. First of all, open the System Preferences window.
  2. Then from the available options under System Preferences, click on Network.
  3. After that, select your network and then hit the Advanced button.
  4. Next, from the open window, navigate to the DNS tab. Here, you will see different entries are available under the DNS Servers panel.
  5. Now, click on all the existing entries one by one to remove it. And for this purpose, you need to click on the minus symbol, which you can see after selecting an entry.
  6. Once, all the DNS Servers entries gets removed, now, click on the add symbol, which you find left to the minus symbol. This is to start adding the entries as: and
  7. After, adding these above said entries, restart the Safari browser and try to open your desired website (during which you get the error) to check if the problem gets sorted. Hopefully, you will get the positive result. In case, if still the error exists, then continue with these further methods.

Utilize Keychain Facility to Fix Safari Can’t Establish A Secure Connection

The products developed by Apple Inc. are highly secure, Safari browser is one of them. However, the Safari also supports in the latest version of the Windows OS. Due to the high security, it blocks all the websites to open, which doesn’t have safety certificates. Moreover, it also doesn’t allow the servers which does not follow a legal route. If the reason behind the error is a lost or inappropriate certificate, then you can go through these steps below, after following which you may be able to fix the matter. So, let’s proceed to those steps as below.

Know the Details of the Website in which you are Facing the Problem to Get it Open

To begin with, at first, you need to click on the lock, which you find at the left side of the URL address.

After that, from the lock menu window, select the more information button.

Then, from this pop-up window click on the Security tab.

Next, under this Security tab, you will get an option as Show Certificate, click on it, to locate the certificate.

Further, navigate to the Details tab, which is present at the top of the new window. Here, you will get all the details of the website, during the surfing of which you get the error message. The information includes the company name which provides the certificate.

Open Keychain Application on Mac

After knowing the detailed information about the website, the next step is to open the Keychain application. Here, we are going to discuss two different ways by which you can run the Keychain application. You can proceed with any of these ways.

Way 1: Press both the Command and the Spacebar key at a time, to activate the Spotlight on Mac. Then, on the Spotlight type Keychain, and launch the application.

Way 2: Alternatively, open the “Finder” window. And among the Finder options, click on Utilities> Applications. Here, you will get the Keychain application, click on it to launch.

Enable “Use System Defaults” under Trust

Now, after launching the Keychain application, click on the system roots, to get the list of all certificates open. From the certificates list, navigate to the one which was blocked by Safari, and click twice on it, to get the related options. Then, expand the Trust option and set “Use System Defaults” while using this certificate. This method usually resolves the certificate problems caused by the locked server.

Hopefully, after following these above steps you get the error solved.

Disable Antivirus tool

This is one of the ways, which can resolve Safari can’t establish a secure connection error. Actually, antivirus tool is installed to enhance the system security. Sometimes, it acts as a main culprit for many errors. To check, if this is the case, at first, you need to disable the antivirus tool. The process of disabling the antivirus tool differs slightly, according to the manufacturer product that you are using. But, then also we have described a general method to disable an antivirus tool. If you are a Windows user, then follow the steps below to disable an antivirus tool.

At first, take the mouse pointer on to the antivirus icon, which you will find under the taskbar panel. If you do not get it at the front panel, then check it under the taskbar tray. The upward arrow symbol, which you can see near the bottom right-hand corner is termed as the taskbar tray.

After you put the pointer on to the antivirus icon, right-click on it and then navigate the pointer on to the antivirus shields control to get more related options. From the options, select the one, for which period you want to keep the antivirus disabled. After disabling the antivirus tool, try to browse the internet using Safari, to verify if the problem gets resolved.

Stop Internet Protocol version 6 to Fix Safari Can’t Establish A Secure Connection Error

After following all these above methods if the Safari can’t establish a secure connection problem still persists then do not lose your hope. And let’s try these below steps to disable IPv6, which may solve the problem as it does for many users. So let’s begin.

At first, open System Preferences. And then under this, select the Network option. After that, choose the network and select the Advanced button. Then, click on the TCP/IP tab. And under this window, navigate to Configure IPv6 menu bar, and set it as Manually. Further click on OK> Apply to save the changes.

Now, try to load the website in which you have faced the error using Safari. This time you may not face the error.

All these above are the methods with the application of which you can resolve the Safari can’t establish a secure connection error efficiently. If you have any more doubt regarding this topic, then you can leave a comment to the section as given below.

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