Why Windows 10 Notifications Not Working?

The notifications features is a basic aspect that alerts the users of any ongoings of the system. It can be an update alert and can also be an error message indicating a problem in the computer. But, at times, the users encounter numerous problems when the notification section refuses to function as normal. They immediately seek solutions for treating the Windows 10 notifications not working issue.

Furthermore, the problem intensifies as the users notice that they don’t receive popup notification but observe the count. The notification count appears at the screen’s bottom-right corner. But, when you make an attempt to view it, the section would yield no alert messages at all. Also, this reflects in the Action Center as well.

Now, please note that this isn’t a phenomenon common to specific applications. So, Discord too, fails to notify of the updates and the events. Therefore, if the Windows 10 notifications not working issue arises, all the alerts from all the programs in the system fail to proclaim reports.

However, in this article, we discuss the ways in which you can treat the issue comprehensively. But before that, we suggest that the users take a glimpse of the cause which triggers the problem to arise.

Probable Cause for the Windows 10 Notification Not Working Issue:

The problem stirs annoyance and confusion in the mind of the user. However, knowing the potential cause can serve you positively. It can actually accelerate the process of troubleshooting. Therefore, never skip knowing the causes for the error to appear and the problems it indicates.

The major reason for the Windows 10 notifications not working issue to manifest is the Windows Update. Yes, the complication seems to arise right after a successful Windows Update. The solution to treat this is to switch a particular setting On. Therefore, a logical deduction says that it is possible for the latest Windows update to turn it Off by default.

However, now that you know the probable reason, proceed to implement the steps of various methods in the underlying section.

Effective Methods to Troubleshoot the Windows 10 Notifications Not Working Issue:

Now, since this problem is not associated with any particular application, the problem does not lie in the Discord app itself. So, the solutions presented here also serves that particular app, if no notifications arise from Discord, as it serves all other programs.

Knowing the cause will tell you where to look at. Also, since the problem isn’t program-specific, the solutions are relevant for every application. However, continue reading in order to implement the methods to fix the Discord notifications not working Windows 10 error.

Procedure 1: Enable Applications to Run in the background

In the Settings for Windows privacy, there exists an option which enables the users to choose whether the programs should process in the background or not. Now, if you enable this, it allows the applications to run and process in the background. Thereby, it displays the notifications. To do this, follow the successive steps.

  • Firstly, press and hold down the Windows key and the I button in unison. Doing this brings up the Settings at once. Also, you can simply head to the Start menu and then in the search box, type in Settings.
  • Then, proceed to select Privacy. Therein, from the left panel, select the Background Apps option. Then, toggle on the Let Apps run in the background option.
  • After that, proceed to toggle the programs from which you want to receive alerts and notifications.

Finally, proceed to restart the computer system in order to make the changes effective. However, if Windows 10 notifications not working issue still continues to reappear, the next solution will surely be of help.

Procedure 2: Turn On Notifications for Specific Applications

At times, the problem is not at all an issue. Actually, we tend to be oblivious about turning the notifications on or a Windows Update, by default, alters the settings. In such a case, there is just a simple thing to do. Check for the probable changes in the settings and make sure to turn any important button On.

Firstly, make sure that you have turned the notifications on. Then, follow the steps in order to inspect if the notifications are on for specific programs. So, the problem with the Discord application too gets solved conveniently.

  • Press and hold down the Windows key along with the I button in unison. Doing this brings up the Settings window.
  • Therein, proceed to select the System icon. Inside, on the left panel, select the Notifications & actions option.
  • Next, ensure that the Get-Notifications from apps and other senders button is switched On.
  • Finally, proceed to scroll down and take a glimpse of the list of programs. Please ensure that the programs from which you want to receive notifications are turned on.

Now, once the procedure is completed, stick through and test if the Windows 10 notifications not working issue persists. If so, the final method is sure to yield favorable results. Therefore, proceed to the next section if the current one failed to bring about the change.

Procedure 3: Turn On/Off Notifications Through Registry

If nothing works, then you can also proceed to turn notification On or Off for all the programs on the system through the Registry Editor. Also, this method is slightly complex and tedious.

Firstly, form a system restore point and proceed to right-click on the Start menu in order to launch the WinX Menu. Then, select the Run dialog box and type in the blank field regedit and then press the Enter button. Doing this will launch the Registry Editor. Click on Yes and head to the following key:


After that, right-click on the blank space and proceed to select New> DWORD. Then, alter the Value Data to 0. After that, click on it and then exit the window of the Registry Editor.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can resolve the Windows 10 notifications not working issue completely. Also, we suggest you make an attempt to treat the problem on your own. This involves no payment and fewer hassles. In most cases, the users solve the issue without consulting an expert. But, if the problem keeps coming back and refuses to acts according to the inputs, only then can you consult professional assistance. They render a thorough treatment and let you enjoy the earlier functions without any hassle.

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