Why Xbox One Controller keeps disconnecting?

Gamers can have to experience various types of errors while playing their favorite games using the Xbox One controller. A majority of them are experiencing a problem where they can’t connect their devices to the Xbox One controller. When this issue occurs, you will observe that the console will disconnect abruptly on its own. For some users, they may find that the Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting right after applying the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. So, there can be different types of problems due to which this controlling device can show signs of malfunctions.

Hence, if you want to know more about this Xbox One error, keep reading this article. Here, it will discuss some technical steps along with detailed instructions to fix this gaming problem.

Solutions you can Apply if Xbox One Controller keeps Disconnecting Frequently

For those getting the error of Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting PC, you can try the following fixes in order to resolve it. So, let’s take a look at how to fix the Xbox One controller issue along with step-wise guidance.

Solution 1: Make Sure the Controller is Placed Closely to the Console

Often the Xbox One controller device can continue to disconnect from the PC or laptop if its wireless enabled. Hence, the main issue can arise in the form of connectivity range, which is why the controller is disconnecting. So, you can troubleshoot this error by placing the gaming console and the controller within close proximity. In case, if the problem doesn’t resolve by keeping both these devices close, there is another trick.
Simply, align both the controller and the console unit to face each other for maximum connectivity.

Solution 2: Check Controller Battery Before Connecting to PC

For some reason, if the battery is the main culprit behind the disconnection of the Xbox One, it will require special attention. So, the best way to fix this problem is by finding whether your device’s battery is working perfectly. You can simply go to the Home Screen and check the battery indicator before connecting the Xbox One. In case, the device lacks sufficient power to detect the controller, you must recharge it fully. However, if the battery is dead or having some leakage issue, its best to replace it before using the Xbox One. So, go to a retail shop or a technician for getting a new battery for the Xbox controller and connect it to your computer. If the problem persists and you still observe Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting, try the remaining methods.

Solution 3: Power Cycle the Controller and/or Reconnect it

In case your Xbox One controller is unable to connect to the computer due to power related issues, you can use this method. Hence, for troubleshooting this issue, you can use the power cycle option in order to restart the console. According to many technicians, this technique can work wonders in resolving your Xbox One problems. Now, let’s discuss the steps you can apply for power cycling your console and connect it to the Xbox One controller.

Steps to Power Cycle Controller

First start by holding the Xbox logo button, which is present at your console’s front panel. You will have to hold the tab for almost 10-15 seconds and wait for your console to switch off.

Next, once again hit this Xbox button but, this time it will turn on the console. After that, reconnect your controller with the console and check if the error is resolved.  Now, the process of reconnecting has to be perfect in order to ensure that the controller will not disconnect anymore. Hence, you can try the stepwise instructions in the following points to build this connection.

Steps to Reconnect the Controller

In case you are making use of a wired controller device, you need to remove all the connecting cables and wait for 5-10 seconds. Then check if there are any issues with the cables like a tear, damage or any technical defect. If the connection error is occurring due to cable issues, you can replace it with a new one.

Also, examine the condition of the USB port that you are connecting the controller into. So, if there is any technical error with that specific port, you can consult an expert to fix it.

For fixing problems in the wireless controller, you can hold down the button for wireless connectivity. Remember to continue pressing the tab unless you observe the flashes of the controller.

Finally, you can try to launch the Xbox One by connecting the controller to the console. If it still refuses to connect, you may have to disable a few services/apps causing this error.

Solution 4: Turn Controller Service Off for your Xbox One Console

If you find out that the controller keeps disconnecting after several attempts, the issue can involve wireless controller service. So, if there is any conflict between the Xbox One controller and wireless controller service, you need to fix it. Now, let’s check how to disable the controller service to fix this problem.

In order to launch the services on a Windows-based PC, you can open the Run dialog box. So, use the Windows logo and R buttons at the same time and enter ‘services.msc’ in the text field. As soon as you hit the ‘OK’ button, Windows will open the Services window on the screen.

Then locate the option of wireless controller service from the list of services and right-click on it. Now, choose the ‘Properties’ button and view the new window with extended settings for the controller.

Here, go to the service status and click on the ‘Stop’ button for terminating the wireless controller service. Also, check the section of ‘Startup Type’ and hit the tab for ‘Disabled’ from the list of options.

You need to save these changes by first clicking on the ‘Apply’ and then on the ‘OK’ button. Users can also use the Windows Task Manager for disabling the controller service for their Xbox One console.

Solution 5: Exit Steam Related Applications from your Computer

Sometimes, removing Steam-related components from your PC can resolve the disconnectivity problems. For applying this method, first, remove the Xbox One controller from your PC and open the Run dialog box.

Then write ‘taskmgr’ in the box and hit the ‘Enter’ key. So, after launching this command, wait for Windows to display the task manager on your screen.

From the ‘Processes’ tab, find the process of ‘Steam Client Bootstrapper’ from the list. After that, select the ‘End Process’ button and wait for Windows to tend the service of Steam and its components.

If none of the solutions discussed in this article works and your Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting, try out some advanced fixes. Hence, to obtain them, you can reach out to an Xbox technician and receive the best possible solutions at an affordable rate.

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