5 Ways to Use Windows 10 Multiple (Virtual) Desktops

windows 10 multiple desktops

Windows 10, the latest OS from Microsoft gives you the opportunity to use the multiple desktops in a single computer. Multiple desktops actually mean that you can use more than one computer through one computer. Experts say that in this pandemic situation when most of the people are still now working from home, this feature will be helpful for them. 

Creating the Windows 10 multiple desktops is easy. All you have to do is obtain the latest and updated version of Windows 10. If you are already using the system software, then make sure that you download all the latest updates, as well as its latest version. Never try to attempt this process in the previous versions as they don’t have this facility. 

Activate the Multi-tasking mode

Before learning the use of virtual desktops, you have to allow the computer to enable its multi-tasking mode. So, go to the “Settings”. In the multi-tasking section, turn on the toggle for the suggestions on your desktop timeline. After that, in the subsection of virtual desktops, there will be two drop-down menus present. Choose “only the desktop I’m using” for both. Now, close the Settings. 

Creating and Managing the Multiple Desktops 

The creation of multiple desktops will give you the ability to do several kinds of activities. One of the main things is that you can transfer your desired applications from one desktop to another. In addition to that, you can also close the opened pages from the selected desktops with ease. 

1.Introduce a virtual desktop 

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to add the virtual desktop to your computer. Open the “New task view pane”, simply click on the Task view button. There is also a shortcut, press the Windows key+Tab. After the Task View pane opens, you have to click on “New Desktop”. This will add the virtual desktop to the computer. If one or more Windows 10 multiple desktops are virtually opened, then you will get the option of “Add a desktop”. 

2.Hopping between the virtual desktops 

Switching from one virtual desktop to another is generally known as virtual desktop hopping or switching. In this case, once again you open the Task View pane. After that, switch to the desktop by clicking on it. There are many shortcuts that you can apply. The Windows 10 multiple desktops switching speed will solely depend on the system configuration. 

3.Move one virtual desktop to another

There are basically two types of methods that will help you to move the virtual desktops. One is the click and drag, and the other is the right-click method. In the case of the click and drag method, access the Task View pane and click to hold your selected window. Now, move it to the desired place. 

The destination will be an alternate desktop. After reaching, release the button and your job will be done. Whereas the right-click method also needs access to the Task View pane. You can also use a shortcut, press the keys Windows+tab. Now, select the window, right-click on it and choose “Move to”. And, your work will be done.

4.Shut down the virtual desktop

When you have completed your work, it is now the time to close or shut down all the virtual desktops. As usual, open the Task View pane and choose any one of the desktops. You will be able to see the “x” icon, at a corner, click on it to close it. Following the same way, you can close all the Windows 10 multiple desktops. Just like the others, there are also shortcuts, press the Windows key+Ctrl+F4. 

5.Create duplicate virtual windows

Windows 10 also gives you the facility to create duplicate virtual desktops. This will help you to work in a more convenient way. The steps are very simple- Click on the Task View button that is present on the taskbar of Windows Explorer. After that select “Show this window on all desktops”, through this a duplicate single window will be created. If you want to duplicate copy on all the desktops, then opt for “Show Windows from this app on all desktops” option. 

Important Keyboard Shortcuts 

Hard work is good, but why not apply for smart work? In order to use your computer in a smarter way, knowing some keyboard shortcuts will be a cleaver task. The detailed information of the shortcuts goes like this- 

  • Open the Task View pane: Windows key+Tab
  • Show all currently running apps: Alt+Tab
  • Switch between the desktops: Windows key+Ctrl+left or right arrow keys. 
  • Create a new virtual desktop: Windows key+Ctrl+D
  • Return to the task view: Windows key+Tab

These shortcuts are only applicable for updated and genuine Windows 10. So, if you are using a non-authentic version, then immediately switch over to the newly purchased one. Using the pirated OS can lead to the unauthorized intruder access as its security is not completely strong. 

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Some Important Facts 

Always try to opt for the Windows 10 multiple desktops only when you have a good system configuration. If you haven’t updated the system for a long time, it is a wise decision not to try out this feature. Ultimately, it will slow down your computer and you can hardly accomplish your daily work. Experts say that your work-life will be much smoother if you use a new system. The configuration of a new system will not create any troublesome situation in your working procedure. 


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