Get Essential Tips to Resolve Windows Update Error Code 8007000E

Windows update error code 8007000E is a very common but very much critical error that arises on your computer. Basically, the error code appears when you try to install updates for your Windows. It may even harm the computer data and other components of the system as well. The main cause behind the error code is miscommunication between the computer and automatic update service. Sometimes, missing DLL files are also responsible for the error code. Moreover, misconfigured the system files might lead you in this situation. In addition, there might be incorrect registry entries and as a result, the error code pops up on the system screen. The error code always come up with an error message which says, “Windows could not search for new updates, Windows Update failed to install some updates for your computer, or Windows Update encountered an unknown error”.

However, in this article, you will get to learn effective procedures to troubleshoot the issue.

Fix Windows Update Error Code 8007000E: Amazing Tips to Follow

Windows update error code 8007000E is an annoying problem for most of the Windows users. So, at first, you need to resolve the issue unless it is very difficult to use. You will find many symptoms due to this error code. Your device will give slow performance day by day.  Sometimes, the system gets shut down automatically. Moreover, you can install or uninstall any application due to this error message.

After knowing the effect of the error code now let talk about the procedures to resolve the issue.

Fix 1: Install the Latest Version of IE for Windows

The problem might arise when you use an outdated version of internet explorer in your Windows device. Hence, download the latest version of IE and solve the issue. To download the fresh version of Internet Explorer for Windows, first, visit the official website of Microsoft and search for the latest version of Internet Explorer. Download the latest version and install it on your device.

After that, restart the system and press Windows key + R together to open the Run dialog box. In the Run box, type control panel and hit the Enter button. When you press the Enter button, it will open the Control Panel option.

Now, from the Control Panel option, type installed update in the search box. After that, click on the View Installed UPdated option which is available under the Programs and Features option. Then you should remove the Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB2534111) and Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KB2639308) as well. By any chance, if you are unable to find these two Hotfix, then you can skip this process.

Lastly, restart the system and check Windows update error code gets solved.

Fix 2: Restart the Windows Update Service

The Windows Update error 8007000E might occur when there is something wrong with the Windows Update Service. In such cases, restarting the Windows Update Service is the only solution to get rid of this situation. But you need to know the procedures. Here is the procedure on how to update it.

  1. At first, hit the Windows key and R together to open the Run dialog box. In the Run box, type services.msc and hit the Enter button. It will open the Services window automatically.
  1. A list of the menu will appear on the system screen. Search for the Windows Update option and right click on it. If its current status is Running then, Stop it. Otherwise, skip the step and proceed further.
  1. After that, open the File Explorer option by pressing the Windows key + E together. Copy the path that is mentioned in the following and enters it in the address bar.

C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore. Now, hit the Enter button to move to the DataStore folder.

  1. Thereafter, remove all the data from the DataStore folder. After that, reopen the File Explorer folder and copy the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download path and paste it in the address bar. Now, press the Enter button to launch the Download folder on your device.
  1. Again delete all the downloaded data. When the folder gets empty, move to the Service window and right click on the Windows Update option. Then, choose Start to continue.

Lastly, move to the Windows Update option and try to update the Windows with the fresh version. Check the error message still appear or not. Otherwise, move to the next section.

Fix 3: Run the DISM Tool

Sometimes, corrupted Windows update files are also responsible for the update error code 8007000E. To get rid of this situation, you need to run the Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) tool. This tool is very helpful. You can apply the tools in various technical related problem.

Hence, follow the instructions carefully and apply them accordingly.

  1. At first, you should launch the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and R at the same time. Type cmd in the Run box and then press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter key together to run the Command Prompt as an Administrator. To confirm the action, press Yes to continue.
  1. After that, you need to enter the command line one by one and hit the Enter button each time.

First command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

Second Command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Third Command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

  1. After entering the command, close the Command Prompt option after restoring the        Windows device. Check whether the problem gets resolved. This is the process on how to fix Windows update error code 8007000E

Fix 4: Run System File Checker

If the above solutions do not work for you, then another solution that you can try by running the System File Checker tool. This tool will start to scan your PC and identify for corruption in Windows system entities and restored them. Hence, the System File Checker tool can help you to eliminate the issue. To do so, follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

Firstly, open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and R the Run box, type cmd and hit the Enter button.

Step 2

After seeing the Command Prompt in the search result, right click on it. After that, select Run as Administrator option from the list. To confirm that press OK to continue.

Step 3

Now, type sfc/scannow in the command box and press the Enter button. It will automatically scan your device. When the process scanning process gets completed, close the Command Prompt window.

After completing the process try to update the Windows and check whether the error code 8007000E still there or not.

Fix 5: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter Tool

To resolve the issue you should run the Windows Update Troubleshooter tool. It will identify the problem automatically and resolve the issue regarding Windows Update. To do that, follow the steps that are mentioned underneath.

Windows Update Troubleshooter is the inbuilt tool that Windows provides to resolve any kind of Windows issue. If you do not have the tool, then you must download the tool from the developer’s website.

We assume that you have the tool and double click on the tool to launch it. Click Next option to proceed further. This tool will check the available update for the Windows. Then click Next option again. Now, press the Apply this fix option to begin the update process automatically. This tool will try to eliminate the error code. Then, restart your device and try to update the Windows device. Check whether the problem gets solved or not.

Wrapping Up

That should conclude it. We certainly hope that you managed to solve the Windows update error code 8007000E with the presented solutions. These information serves users with methods to resolve the problem. Furthermore, if you have questions or suggestions, make sure to post them in the comment section below.

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