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Cover Junction is one of the renowned daily-hunt-stops for digital trends. Be it latest news regarding technology or any recovery techniques from technical glitches on digital platforms and search engines. We are known for publishing nothing but true facts for our audience.

If you are interested to write for us then Cover Junction cordially invites you. Come up with your knowledge and creativity associated with tech-updates, tech-errors and much more. 

Reasons behind Writing for Us

We at Cover Junction appreciate the efforts of new bloggers as well as the experienced ones. You can be one of our writing partners if we find quality content within your guest post.

Additionally, you are getting a golden opportunity to showcase your writing skills and gain acknowledgement from our millions of visitors. Get your guest post trending and featured on our numerous social media platforms.

We ensure that your guest post grabs most of our audience attention. Encourage your business through our platforms. Write for us, with the right information and positive vibes.

Guest Posts We Accept

Cover Junction is a treasure for every technology news including hacks to resolve technical glitches. We accept guest posts regarding smart TVs, smartwatches, mobiles, cyber-security, antivirus, and much more. Go through our guest posts for a clearer concept.

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Guidelines you Have to Follow to Write for us

We accept only genuine facts; nothing else. Thus, we have a list of guidelines that any blogger should follow. Otherwise, we can’t accept his or her guest post because we can’t provide the same opportunity to all. Here’s what you have to perform while writing the best article for us:

  • The guest post should not be less than 1000 words. Additionally, make the content free from grammatical errors and plagiarism.
  • The title should be attractive and describe the entire article in brief. Try to create short and catch paragraphs by maintaining the headers.
  • Address our readers. Place relevant information and images so that our readers should not lose interest. The first lines should reflect your opinion.
  • Insert backlinks within your content. Don’t place broken links.
  • You can take reference from legitimate sources such as renowned websites. But, don’t copy-paste when you are writing for Cover Junction. We don’t compromise with our quality.
  • Place relevant facts and figures to support your information about the tech-related information or solving any glitches.

How to Submit a Guest Post?

Cover Junction is open for all those writers who can deliver quality content with our criteria maintained. We have already stated that we can’t surpass every article that reaches us. However, you can easily submit a guest post at ours. 

Go to the Contact Us section or send the guest post through our email ID writecoverjunction@gmail.com

We will inform you if your guest post gets sieved out by our editors. Within a few days, your guest post will be published on our website. Till then, keep in touch with Cover Junction.