Resolve the Error “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU”

When you try to open the NVIDIA Control Panel, most of the time you will get “NVIDIA Display settings are not available. You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU” error message.

No need to worry at all. It is quite easy to eliminate this error code from your display. Hence, follow the rest of the post to know how to get rid of this situation.

Methods to Eliminate “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU” Error Message

In order to eradicate the error message, “You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU”, follow the steps mentioned in the section below.

Method 1: Plug your Monitor into the NVIDIA GPU Port

In case if you are using a desktop and get this error message, then it might be due to the fact that you have plugged into the wrong port at the back of your computer.

You need to plug into the NVIDIA GPU port that is integrated into the motherboard. Most of the time, the port is covered with dust and that is the reason you missed the port to the plugin.

Simply clean the port with the brush and connect the cable. Now, this will work properly. Furthermore, try to launch the NVIDIA Control Panel and check whether you are getting the same error message or not.

Method 2: Uninstall your Drivers and Install the OEM Drivers for your Intel and Nvidia GPUs

Depending on the graphics card demand, laptops and notebooks use Nvidia Optimus. It switches between the Intel and Nvidia GPU. Therefore, you need to uninstall the OEM drivers from your device.

Step 1: Uninstall Graphics Drivers

First of all, follow these steps to uninstall the Graphics drivers.

#1. At first, press the Windows and R key to launch the Run window. After that, type devmgmt.msc in the Run window and hit the Enter button to open the Device Manager section.

#2. Therefore, expand the Display Adapters option. After that, right-click on the Nvidia Graphics drivers. Then from the drop-down menu, select the Uninstall option.

#3. A confirmation box will appear on the system screen. Click on the Yes or Uninstall in order to uninstall the driver.

#4. Next, right-click on the Intel Graphics driver and then click on the Uninstall Device option. Agin a confirmation box will pop up. Select the Yes option to confirm the action.

When the process gets completed, restart the system.

Step 2: Download and Install the Correct Drivers for your Laptop

If any update is pending for the laptop’s driver, then you should update the graphics driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Simply visit the manufacturer’s website and enter your laptop’s model number to download the latest version of the graphics driver. Save the downloaded file in a particular folder. 

Now, move on to the folder and then install the updated version of the graphics version. It will take some time to complete the process. When done, reboot the system and check the status of the error message.

Step 3: Turn off automatic updates

If you frequently confront the error code, then you need to turn off the automatic update of Windows 10.

#1. First of all, launch the Run window by pressing the Windows key and R key together. Now, type ‘control panel’ in the Run box to launch the Control Panel section.

#2. After that, move to the ‘System and Security’ section. Next, click on the System section. Now, from the left sidebar, click on the ‘Advanced system settings’ option. Thereafter, tap on the Hardware tab.

#3. Later, click on the Device Installation Settings section. After that, you find two options. One is Yes (recommended) and the other one is ‘No (your device might not work as expected)’  option.

#4. Click on the second option and then restart the system.

Method 3: Update the GeForce/Nvidia Drivers

Those who are using desktop, they should be able to know that the NVIDIA GPU is independent of the Intel GPU. In case, the drivers get damaged due to some reasons, then you download the correct version of the GeForce driver.

  • At first, move to the official website of the GeForce and manually search for the drivers.
  • Now, you need to download the current and updated version of the driver. After that, run it in order to install the driver.
  • It will take some time to finish the installation process. When the process gets completed, reboot the system and check whether the error code still appears or not.

Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall the Graphics Drivers

If the above methods are not able to eliminate the error message “NVIDIA Display settings are not available”, then uninstall the corrupted graphics driver and reinstall them.

To perform the steps, follow this section.

  1. First of all, press the Windows key and R key at the same time in order to launch the Run window.
  2. After that, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the Run window and hit the Enter button to launch the Device Manager section.
  3. Thereafter, select the ‘Display Adapter’ section and then right-click on the ‘Nvidia Graphics’ driver. Further, select the ‘Uninstall Driver’ option.
  4. A pop-up box will appear on the system screen. Click the Yes button to uninstall the driver.
  5. Now, launch a web browser and visit the official website to download the latest version of the driver. Download and then install the driver. It will take some time to complete the process.

Once done, you will no longer encounter the error message and you can easily access the NVIDIA control panel section.

Simply, read all the methods properly and check which one better suits you. It is advisable not to skip any steps. Perform all the steps as discussed in the above section.



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