8 YouTube Multi Downloaders that are Highly Recommended

YouTube doesn’t give you the authority to download videos to your PC or mobile phone. Whereas, it allows you to save the videos in the dedicated application itself, this helps you to watch the videos later. What if there were facilities to download the videos to your PC?  Yes, you can do it with the help of a few dedicated applications that belong to the category of YouTube Multi Downloader. 

There are basically two types of videos on YouTube — One is single content videos and the other is playlist content. You might wish to download a single video or the entire playlist. Actually, the multi downloader term is related to the process of downloading more than one video via the playlist. You can customize a playlist on YouTube. 

1.YouTube ByClick 

The best YouTube Multi Downloader for downloading several YouTube channels, single based videos, live videos and others. After downloading the videos, the application will add the subtitles automatically so that you don’t have to face issues while understanding the script in the video. It is made for Windows platform only. There might not be a free version available for you. If you see that it is fulfilling your requirements, then always go for the paid version. 

2.4K Video Downloader 

Do you want your videos to be of a more superior quality? Ultra HD (4K) will be perfectly fine, isn’t it? That is why the 4K video download will play the mastermind. Apart from the 4K ultra HD resolution, you will also be able to download 3-dimensional videos on demand. 

The application is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux and other platforms as well. The free version is available for testing purposes, check whether the application is suitable for you or not. If it is, then opt for the premium version. 

3.iTube Go

iTube Go is available for both mobile and desktop platforms. With the help of this application, you can download more than thousands of videos free of cost. In addition to that, apart from YouTube Multi Downloader access, the conversion of audio to video, video to video, and video to audio are also present. Moreover, the facility of downloading the full playlist will help you to enjoy all the videos on your PC or mobile phone all at once.

4.Snap Downloader

This application has the capability to deliver more than you can ever imagine. Leaving aside 1080p full HD and 4K ultra HD, you can download the 8K videos. On the other hand, you can download tons of videos from more than 500 websites. Just copy and paste the downloadable link to fetch data. After that, you will be able to select the quality. The conversion of mp4 to mp3 is quite easy through this application.  

5.All My Tube 

Download videos with the help of copy and paste links in just one click. In case, you want to extract a video’s audio directly from YouTube, you’re just one click away. From various types of websites, you are allowed to download videos with the help of this application. As usual, you can also get your desired playlist directly on your computer or mobile device, with the help of this YouTube Multi Downloader application. 

6.YouTube Multi Downloader Online 

This is partially an application and a website too. The process of downloading the playlist is very easy as this site is dedicated only towards playlist download. Just copy the playlist URL and paste it in the link search box, present there. Now, wait for the site to verify every file that is present in the playlist.  

You can see the progress bar. The bar will cover the number of videos downloaded with a dedicated percentage. After that, if you want to download any of the selected videos, just scroll down and you can click on the desired video quality button. 

If you want to download the entire playlist, then after the verification process is over, the entire processed playlist link appears below the raw playlist link. Copy and paste it in any video downloader application.

After that, you will get all the videos in the playlist.

7.WinX video downloader 

This application is also one of the best YouTube Multi Downloaders that allows you to download multiple 4K ultra High definition videos, all at once. Of course, it is very much usual that you can also download videos in 720p and 1080p HD. Linux, Macintosh and Windows OS are compatible platforms. You don’t have to pay any amount as the application is freeware. 

8.Video Proc

For super fast downloads, you can try out this application. Download not only playlists but also single videos and audios. Along with the several video download quality options, there is also “One-Stop” download to stop the download progress. Furthermore, several toolkits like editing, converting videos are also there. 


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Whatever applications you download, make sure that they are compatible with your mobile or PC.
If an application is a freeware and also has a premium version, then it is better to download the paid one to get all the software privileges. If any video from the playlist is not downloading, then it is better not to download it forcefully. The owner might have implemented certain restrictions based on download rights. 

Your internet connection will determine the fast, medium or slow download procedure. You must not mix up the video quality, otherwise, it can be the reason behind the slow download speed. Furthermore, whenever you want to watch 4K or 8K videos, then check the compatibility of your PC or mobile phone before playing. 

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