Error Code 0xa00f4244

Effective Ways to Resolve Camera Error Code 0xa00f4244 in Windows OS

The error code 0xa00f4244 appears due to certain malfunctions within the camera that is attached to your computer. As per the expert’s analysis, there are two types of camera that can be attached to the computer system – One is the external web camera and the other is a dedicated web camera. Obviously, there are […]

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Bluetooth Audio Devices are not Supported by PS4
Game Technology

[Resolved] Bluetooth Audio Devices are not Supported by the PS4

Sony PlayStation takes you to an impeccable gaming experience, owing to its powerful joystick and other wireless gadgets. You can experience not only a flawless game but also impressive sound quality. Sony always recommends the PS4 users to use their wireless headphones for better sound compatibility. However, users often report that the Bluetooth audio devices […]

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How to Download Movies on Laptop

3 Easy Methods on How to Download Movies on Laptop for Free

Watching movies helps you to take a break from long-term work pressure. And nowadays, several movie and TV series streaming websites are available to provide unlimited entertainment. No need to go out to watch a movie, with the development of technology, now you can easily download movies at your home, on your laptop. There are […]

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Video TDR Failure
Tech News Windows

Video TDR Failure in Windows 10 | How to Get Rid of This Problem

The blue error screen on your computer is actually the video TDR failure. When this happens in your system, the total working environment gets hampered. In addition to that, the saved works that are currently located in the volatile memory also get deleted as well. This issue is generally called the blue screen of death.  […]

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HyperX Mic not Working

HyperX Mic not Working on Windows 10 | How to Solve the Issue

All devices are not perfect, but sometimes it can be very frustrating that you have bought a brand-new headset and it is not working. You must be thinking that you have wasted all your money, but no you haven’t. It is a very common problem that the users face while using HyperX mic and yes, […]

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Middle Mouse Button not Working

Middle Mouse Button not Working: How to Make it Work Again?

Indeed, it is quite an inconvenient situation when an important button just stops working while you’re using your PC. When it comes to the mouse like middle mouse button not working, you probably need to use the left and right buttons the most. However, that doesn’t mean the middle one isn’t necessary or that you […]

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Fortnite Frame Drops

Fortnite Frame Drops while Playing: Resolve Low Frame Rate

The Fortnite frame drops while playing it on your PC? It’s indeed an annoying problem where the game might freeze and you might lose the battle. Many players have reported this issue. After a good analysis, the experts have come up with solutions that might be effective in nature.  Before knowing the solutions, it will […]

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Home Office

6 Tips to Enhance Your Home Office Productivity

Many businesses are increasingly allowing their employees to work from home. This is also necessary due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the internet, employees can stay connected with their managers and work effectively from home. However, the fact remains that working from home is quite a challenge in itself. The reason is that […]

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How Can You Record Desktop for Free?

Are you looking for a sound desktop recorder that efficiently works? Maybe you are a professional who needs to record a presentation for school or office. Or a software developer who generates ‘how-to’ videos. Perhaps you would like to capture desktop videos for YouTube or create video tutorials.  Desktop recorders are just what you need. […]

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