Why HDMI Sound not Working on TV?

HDMI or the high definition multimedia interface is used for the purpose of audio and video streaming. But sometimes, you may face problems with this HDMI sound not working. There are many users who have reported the problem that HDMI is just showing the video but it is unable to produce any sound. There are […]


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Printer Driver Is Unavailable | Fix With Some Proven Techniques

If you encounter ’printer driver is unavailable’ error message on your screen then it indicates that the driver installed on the printer is either not compatible or Outdated. It also indicates that the driver is corrupted and your system fails to identify it. So, if the computer fails to recognize the driver, then you will […]

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How To Solve HP Printer Error Code 0xc19a0003?

Similar to all the electronic devices and machines, printers, too, are susceptible to damage and malfunctions. And such situations frustrate the users and also perplex them further since they do not know what steps to take next. Among diverse brands, the HP printers also are no exception to such errors. From paper jams to faulty […]


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How to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1?


Fix: There Was An Error Connecting To The Apple ID Server

After updating to iOS 8, several users are facing problems while trying to restore from their backups and sign into the iCloud. When this problem occurs, generally the users get the error notification- “Verification failed: There was an error connecting to the Apple ID Server.” This problem doesn’t occur due to the wrong password. Even […]

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What to do when AOL Keeps Crashing?

In recent times, it has been found that the AOL mail users are receiving an issue related to AOL mail. Whenever they open the AOL mail, they become unable to access the mail and face AOL mail crashing issue as well. In most cases, this issue arises when the users download any third party software in their device. When they face AOL keeps crashing issue, they seek for the perfect hacks which will help them to solve the problem as soon as possible. Keeping that in mind, here in this article, we are going to discuss some excellent tips on how

How to Fix AOL Browser Problems?

People prefer to use AOL Explorer for its advanced features. Despite its amazing features, AOL suffers from technical glitches and AOL browser problem is one of them. AOL browser problems can occur when your device is not properly connected to the internet. The problem can stem from many sources like improper installation of software files, virus attack, and much more. Thus, follow this article in order to identify the source of this problem and fix it with the corresponding solution. Hope, it is definitely going to guide you and provide you with a proper way out. Effective Ways to Fix AOL Browser

Troubleshoot AOL Mail On Mac Not Working With Ease: Resolve It at an Instance!

AOL mail on mac not working is one of the most common errors which you can encounter while using AOL mail via your Macbook. Mainly, due to some incorrect settings, you can get this error. Besides that, this error also occurs with your device due to many other reasons. To know them and to fix this bug, you have to stay on this page. This article consists of a comprehensive guide which will help you out to resolve the matter easily. Causes for AOL Mail on Mac not Working Error: More than one possible causes are there, due to which you

Resolve AOL Videos Won’t Play Error Quickly: Try Out the Effective Steps!

AOL videos won't play, is one of the most common error which you can encounter while using AOL. If you have faced this error and want to resolve it in a quick way, then you are in the perfect page. This article consists of a step by step guide using which you will be able to resolve this issue without any hassle. But before focusing on the troubleshooting part, at first, let’s focus on the causes, due to which you are getting this particular error with your device. Causes for AOL Videos Won't Play Error : There are more than one

Fix AOL Won’t Open With Proper Solutions

Many users are struggling with ‘AOL won’t open’ issue and hence are willing to know the actual fixes. Thus, we have throw light upon this issue in this article and tried to find a way out. Firstly, AOL mail might not open if your computer or device is not properly connected to a network. Similarly, the network might fail to support your AOL app if too many wireless devices are accessing it. Secondly, the browser in which you are trying to access AOL might not be up to date. On the other hand, an outdated Operating System won’t let AOL open

Essential Guidance To Resolve AOL Mail Attachment Problems

In today’s era, AOL is considered as one of the trusted mail services. However, it is not free from flaws. When it comes to the top ten AOL issue, AOL mail attachment problems surely ranked in the number one position. This is a common problem, but you need to troubleshoot it immediately. This error generally restricts you to operate the AOL mail account. So, if you ever face this issue and want to resolve it immediately, then you have just landed at the right place. Have a look at the rest of the content as here we are going to discuss,

Can’t Uninstall Chromium in Windows 10 [Solved]

The Chromium is an open-source browser that is created by Google. It contains the basic codes of the Chrome browser. Many of the users can’t uninstall Chromium from their PC. Hackers have potentially using it to deliver unwanted malware and programs. So, if you have a malware-infected program and can’t uninstall it, here we will […]

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Gmail Authentication Error: Fix This Impeccable Hacks

In today’s modern age of digitalization, Email service is one of the fundamental needs of communication. A number of business organizations take the help of the email for various purposes. Users are allowed to access the Gmail service both on the web browser and through the Gmail mobile app on the Android and iOS platforms. […]

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What is WMI Provider Host and How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows?

WMI provider host is the condensation for the Windows Management Instrumentation provider service. Without this service, you might not be able to run any kind of application on your computer. Because of faulty components and drivers, the provider host stops working and for this, the computer will respond slowly. Because of the WMI provider host […]

CPU Tech News

Service Host Local System High CPU [Resolved]

Service Host: Local System is a number of system processes that functions automatically by the device. It involves processes such as several required system services and Windows Auto-update that take up huge disk, memory, and RAM, etc. Most of the users have reported that the Service Host: Local System process can take a huge amount of […]


Solutions Of The Error Code: M7703-1003 | Netflix

M7703-1003 is one of the Netflix error codes that a lot of users have reported of. Because of that, they are not being able to use the service, thus missing out on their favorite shows. But let us assure you that you will be able to fix the Netflix error code M7703-1003 by yourself. The […]


Easy Hacks To Fix Discord Won’t Open Issue

Discord is a VoIP app used by several users for chatting purposes. It has a Windows application for Windows users. But sometimes, users often complain that they are encountering several problems while opening this application.  Sometimes, it displays a class gray Discord window and nothing else. So, if you are also stuck on the same […]


Fix Discord Not Picking Up the Mic Issue

Discord not picking up the mic issue is a vast problem especially for the video gamers. If you disable the Automatic Input Sensitivity setting of the Discord app, then this issue might arise. Sometimes it is possible that the microphone which you are using is the reason behind the issue. The other factor that includes […]


What Is idp.generic | How To Remove It

IDP.genetic avast is one of the most common technical problems encountered by most of the Avast users. So, if you are a tech-savvy person, then you can fix this issue effortlessly.  Idp.generic is one kind of term that appears on anti-virus software windows. This error mostly appears when the generic malware gets indicated.   It needs […]


Solutions To Fix the Malwarebytes Unable to Connect the Service Error

Malwarebytes is a very useful application to remove malware from the device. But sometimes, you can face a connectivity issue in this application. When there will be a server issue, you will be notified with the “Malwarebytes unable to connect the service” pop up message. If you are getting this error, then there is something […]


How to Uninstall McAfee Windows 10?

Among the various antiviruses available, McAfee is one of the most popular ones but due to some reasons, it has a comparative trash reputation as well. The McAfee users have reported that this application is a bit slow and consumes a lot of memory and CPU. Another reason which makes it more troublesome is that […]


How To Bypass McAfee Mobile Security?

McAfee is a very useful application for securing the data of mobile users. In addition, it offers advanced privacy protection and anti-theft protection for safe-keeping the data stored on your mobile device. This web protection tool removes the chances of data loss through virus or malware attack. But at times users find it difficult to […]


Solve Quick Heal Update Error 1002

Quick Heal is security software meant for a plethora of Operating Systems. Due to its useful features and services like ‘External Drives & Devices’, ‘Scan’, ‘PC Tuner’, etc, this software has gathered a lot of attention. Although this application has many features, even then you might sometimes get into some problems. One problem, about which […]

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