Reasons an employee app is vital in the workplace

After Covid-19, there is a lot of change in the pattern of doing work. Employers are focusing more on remote work instead of work from the office. Remote work has increased the need for an employee portal as all work is done virtually. This article will brief you about why an Employee Portal is necessary for an organization. Without wasting any time, let’s know about what an Employee portal is.

What is an Employee Portal?

Employee Portal

An Employee Portal may be defined as a platform where employees can engage in various HR techniques. It includes all the employees and HR of the company. It is also known as the intranet, enterprise, or employee self-service portal. It keeps all the employees updated about what is happening in the organization and it is secure as it requires login credentials. An employee portal may have different features depending on the company. Use Upsers login, if you are an employee of Upsers and want to get benefits that are offered by the company for using the online portal.

What Features Can You Find in an Employee Portal?

We will now discuss the features and contents of an Employee Portal.

There are so many features of an employee portal that you need to have knowledge about. Some of them are explained below:

  1. Payroll and compensations: The employee portal includes payroll and compensation management. It enables employees to check their attendance and make a request for a correction and on that basis, HR will decide the payroll.
  2. Employee personal profile: All the personal details of an employee like name, address, birth date, date of joining, attendance, payroll, and so on are included in the employee portal. Employees can easily access it and changes can be done as per the requirement.
  3. Regulation handbook: This handbook may be defined as an essential guide for policymakers to decide appropriate regulations and evaluate their effectiveness.
  4. Time management system:  It may be defined as the process of deciding and controlling the time spent on activities to enhance productivity.

How An Employee Portal May Benefit You?

How An Employee Portal May Benefit You

Employee Portal is very beneficial to the HR manager as well as to all the employees. There are so many benefits, some of them are explained below:

  • Cheap in cost: As it does not require any paper or any printing work so it is very cost-effective. Employees can update their leaves and all other details online and HR has access to it directly, so it is cheap in cost as compared to the paperwork.
  • Better communication: It enables better communication between employees and management which brings clarity in the works of management, which eventually helps the organization to achieve its objectives.
  • Improves efficiency: As employees can access the portal anytime, it enables them to check their attendance and make a request for change in it which will reduce the need for correction in the future.
  • Saves time: All the work is done through an online process which saves a lot of time. Employees and HR can get access to it anytime and anywhere. It is done through mobile phone and computer which is very fast and saves a lot of time.
  • Transparency: Employees can check their attendance on a daily basis which provides them with a clear picture of their data and it ensures them that the company has the right data to process the payroll.
  • Reduces paperwork: It enables all the employees, managers, and HR to communicate over mobile or computer instead of paper. This saves a lot of paper.
  • Improves decision-making process: The employee portal enables HR and Managers to get instant access to the detailed data of the employees which helps them to make decisions instantly. It eventually brings improvement in the work of employees and management.
  • Shift details: Employees can check details about their shifts on mobile phones. This helps managers to notify their employees regarding shift change. A calendar is also available in it which notifies employees and managers about important dates. Employees can view the calendar anytime which makes their work easy.
  • Human resource documents: Documents published by companies online can be accessed by employees. It keeps all the employees updated.
  • Alerts about important days: Employee portal notifies all the employees, HR, and managers about all the days like birthdays, shift change, anniversary, driving license expiry, upcoming holiday, passport expiry, etc.

Why is an Employee Portal Important?

Employee Portal plays a very important role in the organization. It ensures better communication between employees and management. As all the work is done through mobile phones and computers, it brings accuracy to the data and ensures a fast process. Employees and management both can get access to it from anywhere, even when they are traveling.

It improves efficiency as employees can view their attendance any time which helps them to make a request for correction if needed. It eliminates paperwork which is very cost-effective and all the data is stored in the computer, this ensures that all the data is safe as compared to paper which can be misplaced.


This article was all about why an employee portal is important in the organization, what are its benefits, features and how is it useful to the organization as well as to the employees. Hope that all the information provided above is clear to you.

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