3 Easy Methods on How to Download Movies on Laptop for Free

Watching movies helps you to take a break from long-term work pressure. And nowadays, several movie and TV series streaming websites are available to provide unlimited entertainment. No need to go out to watch a movie, with the development of technology, now you can easily download movies at your home, on your laptop.
There are various websites and client applications that can help you to download movies for free. So, here you will get to know
how to download movies on a laptop from a subscribed website as well as from other websites for free of cost. 

  1. Movies from Subscribed Platforms

    Here you need to think of a different way – how to download movies on a laptop from subscribed media platforms. Let’s look at the details and know the process of downloading as well. 


    All the movies on YouTube are in high definition. But, you have to pay a certain amount of money to get access to all the latest movies. Somehow, the download option of YouTube is dedicated to the system memory. It means when you download any movies, you have to use the YouTube platform only. On the other hand, the offline download and view feature is also attached to it.

    So, you need to take the help of some third-party download manager and download the movie. Internet Download Manager is one of the best applications that can help you to download any movies from YouTube. The application also contains a feature which is known as Grabber to grab and help you to understand how to download movies on the laptop

    Disney’s Hotstar

    Hotstart contains all the latest movies. There are some free contents that you can enjoy but those contents might not belong to your watch list. Just like YouTube, the download platform is also dedicated to the system memory which you can only play in offline mode in the mobile version. 

    If you are eager to download the file on your system’s secondary storage, then use the Internet Download Manager (IDM) or some other third-party applications. When you open the Hotstar website, you can download the media file to your computer by clicking on the download button. Make sure you select the desired media quality. 


    It’s the most famous media streaming platform for all kinds of movies. Netflix has plans that are a bit different from others. The plans are divided into mobile and PC platforms. Furthermore, the plans are also divided according to the picture quality. For downloading movies on a laptop, creating a Netflix account is mandatory. 

    You can do it either by downloading the application or by visiting the official website. After that log in, buy your desired subscription, and make use of the download button to get the media file on your computer. This is how to download movies on the laptop, and you don’t even need any third-party software.

  2. Download from a Third-Party Software

    Apart from the IDM, there are also other kinds of applications that have pointer links to several free movie download websites. Search for your desired movie, follow the on-screen instructions and then download it. If there is a facility for selecting the video quality, better to choose the high quality to enjoy high-definition movies. 

  3. The Torrent Client

    The worldwide famous application which can be your perfect answer for how to download movies on a laptop is Torrent. The size of the client application itself is not more than 1 Megabyte but will help you to download several Terabytes of data. 

    A few years back, most countries decided to ban torrents. Thus, you need to use VPN, just download the torrent client and install it on your computer. The client is also available for the Android and iOS versions. Install the client on your PC and visit a torrent website. 

    After the website opens, search for your desired movie or TV series. Be confident about which file you want to download. Open the link and you will see a magnet link button. It’s actually the shortcut to start the download immediately.
    After activating the magnet URL, wait for the client to download the metadata. The desired data that you are about to download will show detailed information. It contains the number of files, information about the size, and others. Click on OK to start the download. 

Important Information

If you are using a limited data connection, then the torrent client is not for you. The mobile phone’s internet connection will not give you a satisfactory answer on how to download movies on the laptop. Torrent is only compatible with a co-axial, leased line, or optical fiber connections. Seeders and leechers play a key role regarding the download. 

Seeders maintain the compatibility of the torrent file and leechers keep supporting the download pace. Depending upon the bandwidth and the speed of the download, the speed will eventually change every second. You can easily see the elapsed time or the time needed to complete the download. 

The Magnet Link on other Application 

There is also another way of downloading movies on a laptop with the help of torrent or any other third-party application. Several applications also support the synchronization of magnet links and their download. All you need to do is to right-click on the magnet button and copy the link.

After that, open the download manager, paste the URL, and wait for the sync. After some time, you will receive the activated download button.

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