Top 5 Best Betting Apps in Nigeria 2022 for Sports Betting

Nigeria; a country filled with arguably the most passionate people, even when it comes to the little things. Sports are no exception, ranging from football to basketball to athletics to even video games. It provides a means to even earn money through whatever sport you’re passionate about. You can support athletes on the television screen, or on the pitch or the track, or wherever — your support for the teams and their performances can be a form of support for you too if you can place a bet on it.

Nigerian punters, bettors, have a wide range of online betting platforms to pick from, but not entirely all of them can give game-players their “value for money.” From the list below, you’ll see the best you can get with the best features like “welcome bonus, best-odds, and cash-out terms.” All these offer much more satisfaction and trustworthiness.

These betting sites are unique in their own way, and they don’t necessarily have the same interface, and this is a list that entails the best bookmarks in Nigeria, tested and trusted. You can be rest assured your winnings and earnings will get to you as long as your details are correct. Our list is trustworthy, and we promise and assure you’d never regret what you did.

In detail, the top five betting sites in Nigeria;

  • Bet9ja
  • Betway
  • Betwinner
  • SportyBet
  • NairaBet

1. Bet9ja

The site came into existence in 2013, and like a debutant youngster who would late go pro, Bet9ja has grown into arguably the biggest Nigerian betting platform, and most bookmarkers would agree on this.

Most Nigerians love football, and this platform is significantly loved because it pays attention to detail. It also has the best odds for games, gives welcome bonuses of up to a hundred thousand naira, and above all, allows live betting with ongoing games.

Bet9ja is part of KC gaming networks and is licensed by the Nigerian Gaming Authority and by statistics on, bet9ja is the second most visited website in Nigeria, just behind the search engine,, meaning there’s a lot of traffic on the site and if you’re a bettor, be sure to jump on bet9ja.

They also cover all major sports events around the world. One could say they’re the standard for other betting platforms to emulate.

2. Betway

Betway is one of the most popular sports betting sites, not just in Nigeria, but globally. Its transparency makes it second in this list, as they are a global entity, proven too. They cover every sport, every match, any sports occasion there is. They also have a massive range of competitive odds to pick from.

The platform is loved in the country because a few Nigerian footballers have expressed their interest, and they have a wide range of global sports. If anything matters in the world of sports betting, its odds, and they’re the top football betting app, in terms of favorable odds.

They also offer up to twenty thousand naira welcome bonuses and offer punters a free bet worth a dollar for newbies to enjoy the platform. All the gamers need to do to access this free bet is to place bets with potential winnings at least thrice their initial deposit, as well as a minimum of three odds.

3. Betwinner

You’d be wondering now if football is the only sport in Nigeria, but the truth is Nigerians are indeed passionate sports fans. When it comes to football, it’s what unites people more than any other thing. It makes bookmarkers in Nigeria strive to provide the best betting conditions. Many platforms are football inclined, and for your bets, Betwinner stands out among the best.

It does not matter the sports you’re passionate about, you’ll be at peace with betwinner. There’s news, statistics, and pre-match live stakes.

Betwinner provides a high number of winning opportunities, has easy-going payment systems. It also has a lot of variants like handicaps, bet-on-the-winner, own goals, goals.

4. SportyBet


With up to thirty thousand naira welcome bonus, and more than three hundred and fifty thousand deposited gamers in Nigeria, sportybet is a safe space.

One of the advantages sportybet gives is a hundred percent profit for your first deposit, from #10,000 and above. Plus, you get compensated whenever you refer a friend to use sportybet. It also offers better odds in the premier league and champions league specifically, and on your bonus earnings (multiple bets), you get 135% on your wages, tagged ‘super bonus.’

You can also check recent results of teams and athletes to check their current form before placing a bet. Are you a fan of a football team in any of the European top five leagues? Sportybet should be your first sports betting site in Nigeria. It is due to the game odds involved.

5. NairaBet

If you’d ask any knowledgeable bettor about sports betting in Nigeria, they’d tell you nairabet is the oldest and arguably the most trusted website to book your games online. The website’s user interface is suitable for anyone, be it a newbie or a pro bettor.

For every nairabet account owner, you get a ten percent bonus on any deposit you make into the account, and for context, if you deposit #10,000, you get #11,000, giving extra cash for you to place a few more bets.

An extra advantage for nairabet users is that GT Bank users can fund their nairabet account via USSD code, meaning that you can add money without the stress of an online presence.

These features have made nairabet age like fine wine, that even if it’s not what it used to be, it remains an absolute bliss for veteran bettors.From the above-stated, you have seen the top 5 betting apps in Nigeria. Choose anyone that the features align with your betting goals. It can be the interface, the deposit money, or the game odds. The most important thing is to win more money. Apart from these sites, you can also visit MightyTips for Formula1 betting offices.

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