How to Fix Epson Projector Overheating Issue?

Epson projectors are well-known for its class-apart specifications and its excellent performance. But if you are using your Epson projectors for a longer period of time for watching some sort of videos or presentations, then chances are higher that your projector might get heated up. Epson projector overheating is quite a common situation which is often encountered by a number of Epson projector users.

Once this issue occurs in your device, it is best to solve it as immediate as possible otherwise it might lead you to critical problems. If you are unaware of the process to cool down your projector or facing any difficulties while cooling down, then this article is perfect for you. Here you will get to know the causes as well as some useful solutions to overcome this issue.

Take a Look at the Causes Behind Epson Projector Overheating Issue:

Any electronic device like a projector gets overheated when it is being used for a long time. So, if you want to resolve the Epson projector overheating issue, then it is important to know the causes which led to this error in your Epson projector. So, take a look below to know the prominent causes:

  • If you are not cleaning your projector and taking care of maintenance from time to time
  • When the power supply that you are using for your projector is not that perfect
  • When there is no proper air movement or improper ventilation system in the room where the projector has been kept, then it can lead to the Epson projector overheating issue.

Now, let’s move on to the next part where solutions have been described.

Proven Ways to Eliminate Epson Projector Overheating Issue:

As now you are aware of the causes that are responsible for the Epson projector overheating issue to occur, move on to the next part. In the upcoming section of the article, we have discussed some of the quick and easy steps which will eventually help you out in resolving the projector overheating issue. So take a look below to know the procedure in detail.

Step 1: By Removing the Bulb

First of all, you need to open and remove the lid by unscrewing the screws from it. Then, remove the cover of the printer slightly to take out the bulb. After that, press the wire holder to revolve and then remove it from the projector. Now, pull and lift the bulb up slightly from its socket along with the help of tab and place it in the cover.

It is highly recommended to follow some safety precautions while removing the bulb from the projector. It is advised to remove the bulb from the projector only when you find that the wires from the projector are plugged out and when it is completely cooled down.

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Another precautionary method to take is that before touching the bulb or the lenses, ensure that there is no oil in your finger. Else it may damage the lenses of the projector.

Step 2: By Opening the Clam-Shell

Once you have removed the bulb, now you have to open the clam shell. Then, unscrew the five screws from the rear part of your projector for opening the clam shell. Additionally, from the back panel of the projector, you have to unscrew the small 3 screws.

Next, remove all the screws from the projector by flipping it. Now, take out the air filter and clean it by blowing with your mouth as well as with a piece of cloth. After that, you need to remove the cables from the projector as well as the protective cover from the port. Further, remove the rear part from the projector.

Step 3: Remove the Cables

After opening the clamshell, you will get to see the two wires at the top half and at the bottom of the projector. The bottom one is of blue color while the front one is black color. Now, remove the cable slides by moving gently toward the forward direction. Thus, now it becomes easier for you to remove the clamp shells from the laptop.

Step 4: Eliminate the Exhaust Blower

In order to perform this action, at first, you have to remove the primary blower. You can do this by zipping the tie in a careful manner.

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Then, open the plastic clips and take out the two screws from it. This will open the grill situated at the front of the blower. Next, remove the third screw from the bulb cover and pull the brackets gently. Thereafter, take out the blower from the projector carefully and clean it. Now, you have to place the blower in the projector in exactly the same manner as it had been previously placed.

Step 5: Take Out the Blower Fans from the Bulb Assembly

First of all, take out the two screws of black color which were supporting the blower fan. Then, remove the two additional screws which were made up of stainless steel. After that, you need to remove the wires from the blower fans and clean them.

Step 6: Install the Bulb Fans

Now, you need to place the bulb fans in the exact manner in which you have removed it from the projectors. After that, put the screws back in place and tighten them. Further, you have to place the lid of the bulb fans and tighten them with screws.

Step 7: Again Connect the Controls

Thus, you need to put all the wires back into the projector, in order to reconnect the controls. Now, you need to place all the controls and tighten them with screws.

Step 8: Put it All Together

After you have completed the above procedures, now you need to place back the main cover of the projector. Also, you need to tighten it with screws properly so that it does not open accidentally.

Henceforth, these are the steps for taking into consideration while you are able to fix this error.
Hope that by going through the above steps carefully and applying the steps as per instructed, you will be able to get
fixed Epson projector overheating issue. If in case, you fail to resolve this issue by following the steps described above or having difficulty in going through any of the steps, then you can come in contact with a tech-expert to get the most reliable solutions for your Epson projector issues.

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