Troubleshoot And Fix Gmail Error 78754 Effortlessly

Although Gmail is one of the best and most popular email clients, even then also it is not completely free from technical glitches. The Gmail error 78754 or 78754 Error In Outlook can crop up while trying to login to it from the Outlook application. Even, due to some internal issue in the IMAP server, this problem can come up. When this glitch shows up, then the server becomes unresponsive and do not allow the users to do anything with their account from the Microsoft Outlook application. The common causes why does this problem occurs are – if the password provided by the user is wrong, suspicious login detection by the Gmail to your account. Further, if the IMAP configuration is not set correctly and etc. then also you might come across this error. Moreover, when the Outlook is not up-to-date and if it is not set up properly, then also you might face this issue.You might have even tried to log out of your Google account, but if the issue still persists, then you must look for other solutions.

Definition of the IMAP

The Internet Message Access Protocol or IMAP is a set of rules to access email messages that are present on a remote server from an email client. IMAP is present in the ‘Application Layer’ of the TCP/IP model, which uses the ‘Transport Layer’ to start the host-to-host connection for the various email clients or software. The popular IMAP port address is 143.

Brilliant Methods to Eliminate Gmail Error 78754:

In this section of the article, you will get many solutions that will help to eradicate this problem instantly.

Solution 1: Enable the IMAP on Gmail Account

When the IMAP configuration is not set properly or if it is disabled, then due to this reason you can encounter the given error. To fix this Gmail error 78754, the only solution is to activate the IMAP within the Gmail account. Along with that, enable ‘Allow less secure apps’ option. Follow the steps below in order to do it.

  • First, open your preferred browser, then go to the URL bar to type the following address – “” and tap on the ‘Enter’ key to visit the Gmail website.
  • When that website comes up, then login to your Gmail account.
  • After that, navigate to the upper right edge of the window and tap on the ‘Gear’ icon. This will pop up a drop-down menu with various options.
  • Out of all those options, select the ‘Settings’. This launches a new page within the website, that has a similar name as the option that you have chosen on the previous line.
  • From the several tabs that are there under the ‘Settings’ heading, choose the one that says ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’.
  • Under this tab, locate the section ‘IMAP access’. After that, choose the ‘Enable IMAP’ option and then at the bottom of the window, select the ‘Save Changes’ button.

Some Additional Steps:

  • Now, hit the ‘+’ present at the top right corner of the current tab, to open a new tab. Further, navigate to the URL bar once again and put the following address – “”. This will open up the ‘Google Account’ website with the ‘Security’ tab already chosen.
  • Within this page of the website, find the ‘Allow less secure apps’ option and then, to enable this option, toggle the switch to the right.
  • At last, attempt to login to the Outlook application and check whether this Gmail error 78754 is present or not.

Solution 2: Generate App-Specific Password for the Two-Steps Verification Process

To correct the Gmail error 78754, create an application specific password for the 2-step verification procedure. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, go to the web browser and type the following address on the URL bar – “” Then, hit the ‘Enter’ key to visit the ‘Google Account’ website.
  • On this website, navigate and choose the ‘Security’ tab. Under this tab, locate the section with a name ‘Signing in to Google’.
  • In this section, check to see if the ‘2-step verification’ process is active or not. Now, if it is not active, then tap on it and follow the on-screen instructions and activate it.
  • Once the 2-step verification process gets completed, then start to generate the app-specific password.
  • Next, hit the ‘App Passwords’ option and use the 2-step verification to verify the account. After that, on the next page, choose the ‘Other’ option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, enter the name of the application i.e ‘Outlook’ and then, hit the ‘Generate’ option.
  • Then, the password will pop up. Now, launch the ‘Outlook’ application, choose and configure the correct server for it.
  • Finally, when the software prompts you to give the password, then utilize the app-specific password that has been newly generated.

Solution 3: Configure the Outlook Account Properly

You might face the error 78754 if the account on Microsoft Outlook email client is not set properly. The best solution to rectify this issue is to perform the configuration process correctly. To do that, follow the lines under-mentioned.

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana Logo’. This opens the ‘Windows Search’ box, where write the text – “Outlook” and then, hit the ‘Enter’ key to get the search result.
  • From the result of this search, locate and choose the ‘Outlook’ option. This will open a new window that has the same name as the option chosen on the previous line.
  • On this window, provide the email address, then tap on the ‘Advanced options’ drop-down menu. Also, put a checkmark on the ‘let me set up my account manually’ option. After that, press the ‘Connect’ button.
  • Next, from the next page within that window that has the heading ‘Advanced setup’ and several options, locate and choose the ‘IMAP’ option.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the ‘IMAP’ on your specific account with which the Outlook is being configured. If it is not active, then refer to the first point of this section.
  • To configure the Outlook, use the following information of server given on the substeps and then hit the ‘Next’ button.
    • Set “” as the address for the IMAP incoming mail server.
    • The port number for the IMAP is ‘993’ and then choose ‘Yes’ option for the IMAP SSL.
    • The methods of encryption are ‘SSL/TLS’.
    • Next, give the address “” for the SMTP outgoing mail server.
    • For both the categories ‘Requires SSL’ and ‘Requires TLS,’ choose the option ‘Yes’ respectively. Also, provide the ‘Yes’ option again for the ‘Requires Authentication’ category.
    • Provide the numbers ‘465’ and ‘587’ for the categories ‘SMTP port for SSL’ and ‘SMTP port for TLS/STARTTLS’ respectively.
    • Give the address ‘’ for the POP incoming mail server’.
    • The number for the POP port is ‘995’.
    • Choose the ‘Yes’ option for ‘POP SSL’.
  • Once the server information is set, go to the next page with the heading ‘IMAP Account Settings.’ Put the password of the email account and then, at the bottom of the window, click on the ‘Connect’ button.

Solution 4: Update the Microsoft Outlook Application on Windows 10

If the Outlook application is obsolete, then you might encounter this Gmail error 78754. So, the feasible solution to get rid of this problem is to just update the application to its latest version. To do that, follow the steps below.

  • First, launch the ‘Microsoft Outlook’ program.
  • When the window comes up, then go to the Menu bar at the top left corner of the window and choose the ‘File’ menu.
  • Next, from the various file options, select the ‘Office Account’. This will provide you with information about the application and including that the account will also be opened.
  • On the new page that opens up, choose the drop-down menu under the heading ‘Product Information’. Then, from the popup menu, choose the ‘Update Now’ option. As soon as you tap on this, the software will automatically search and install if there are any updates available.
  • Finally, when the update procedure gets over, then quit and restart the ‘Outlook’ application.

End Verdict

When the Gmail error 78754 occurs, then simply by following any solutions in the previous section, you can get rid of this problem. But, even after following all the points on the above section, if you are unable to remove this error, then do not panic. Just, contact an experienced professional as they might help you to overcome this particular problem.

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