HyperX Mic not Working on Windows 10 | How to Solve the Issue

All devices are not perfect, but sometimes it can be very frustrating that you have bought a brand-new headset and it is not working. You must be thinking that you have wasted all your money, but no you haven’t. It is a very common problem that the users face while using HyperX mic and yes, it can be fixed. Yes, you heard it right, HyperX mic not working problem can be solved and you can get back to your amazing gaming experience.

Effective Fixes for HyperX not working issues

Some ways that will help you out to solve the problem of HyperX mic not working issue are given below. All you need to do is go through them and implement the changes as instructed.

  1. You can go for some basic fixing

    It might be possible that the mic might not be connected properly or it might be muted. So, first, you need to check the mute settings and also the connection of your headset. The mute button needs to be verified, it must not be activated, if you are using a USB switcher of your headset. 

    To make sure that all the connections are proper, you need to make sure that all the connectors are plugged in. If you couldn’t find any connector problem, then try plugging the USB into another USB port. You can also use a 3.5 mm audio jack instead of using a USB. 

  2. You need to check the sound settings to get rid of the problem

    It might be possible the HyperX mic that you are using is disabled or you haven’t selected the option for the default device on your computer. You need to re-enable it and set it as the default device and the steps are given below:

    • First, you need to press the Windows+R key on your keyboard to bring the Run dialog box. 
    • Then, on the blank space type ‘control’, and then you need to press Enter.
    • The Control Panel will appear on your screen. In the Control Panel, you have to go to the View By drop-down menu and have to select the large icon.
    • You need to select Sound from the options that will arrive on your screen.
    • Then, you need to select the Recording tab. On the empty space, you need to right-click inside the device and have to uncheck the ‘show disabled devices’.
    • Now, you need to right-click on the headset microphone and need to enable the option. Again you need to right-click on the headset microphone and need to select ‘set a default device’. Finally, check if the problem is solved or not. 
  3. You need to update the headset driver

    It might be possible that the problem is related to the outdated headset driver. Your HyperX Cloud 2 headsets will not work if you are using an outdated version of the driver or an incorrect driver. 

    So, in this case, you need to update the driver to solve the problem of the HyperX mic not working. You can update your driver either manually or automatically. It is a bit of a technical process and also time-consuming. 

    So, you are advised, if you are too busy with your work, then you can go for the automatic one. The automatic one is easier than a manual one. You just need to install a third-party tool and it will automatically correct the driver for your system. Then, it will also install them for you. The steps are given below:

    • First, you need to download the tool, and then you need to install it. 
    • After you run the tool you need to click on the Scan Now button to initiate the process. Then, the tool will scan your computer and also it will detect, if there is any problem or not. 
    • Now, you just need to click on the Update button, so that it can download the latest and also the correct driver. 
    • Update All button is also available at the bottom right if you want to update all the outdated drivers on your PC. Also, for this update, you need the pro version. 
    • After you have updated the driver for your HyperX, then you just need to restart it to see whether the microphone is working or not. 
  4. Fix the HyperX mic not working is by resetting or reinstalling Windows

    It might be possible that the files on your system are corrupted. Further, it might be also possible that the configurations that use, to prevent the mic from faults, are corrupted. In this case, the only solution is that you just need to reset or reinstall the Windows. 

    The first thing that you need to do is take a backup of the important files that are present on your computer. Then, follow the steps to initiate the process.

    • If you are a Windows 10 user then you can go to this Guide option to reset the system.
    • If you are using an old version then you can go for any media to install the correct version for your operating system.
    • Then, you just have to reinstall your Windows and also reset your headset settings. Now, see if your HyperX mic is working or not.


So, this was all about how to solve the problem of HyperX mic not working issue. The steps are given above and it will be very easy for you to follow them. This is a very common issue that the user faces. You can also book a professional to resolve the problem. But, hopefully following the above method will surely solve your problem. 

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