4 Effective Ways to Encrypt an Internet Connection

Privacy on the internet is one of the most important aspects that you must understand. That is why the process of encryption and decryption comes into the picture. Both encryption and decryption secure the data in your computer, as well as helps you to browse the internet safely. 

Here you will only get to know how to encrypt internet connection. The process of learning encryption will also give you a brief knowledge about the decryption method. Go through the details, and you must focus on the encryption method only. 

Encryption: A Brief Conceptual Overview

Have you ever heard the term permutation and combination in mathematics? If you have, then it will help you to understand the concept of Encryption. If you haven’t, then don’t worry; we can help. Permutation is the process of breaking down, and the combination is the process of binding up. Here, encryption is related to combination. You have to bind up data or the activity on the internet to get protection against unauthorized intruder access. 

The main concept will be the combination. In addition to that, there are also several sophisticated algorithms based on pure engineering mathematics which will help you in scrambling the data. After the encryption is done, the algorithms are made in such a way that they will help you in selecting the audiences. As per cybersecurity experts, alphanumeric encryption is the best, strong and hard to decrypt. 

The Encryption Levels, Types, and Keys 

Before getting the answer to the question of how to encrypt an internet connection, you must know all the details of encryption levels, types, and keys. There are basically three types of encryption levels – they are like plain text, Encrypted Text, which is also known as ciphertext. 

And, the last one is decrypted text, which is the initial plain text. Now, coming to the types of encryption, there are two of its kind — One is Symmetric, and the other is asymmetric encryption. The key that acts as the access to the file is the same for everyone who is going to open your encrypted file; this is known as symmetric encryption. 

In this method, the owner of the file will send the key directly to the person whom he/she permits to open the file. Considering the asymmetric encryption, it contains public as well as private keys. Considering the answer to the question of how to encrypt an internet connection, the public key is available for everyone. On the other hand, the private key will remain a secret from everyone, apart from the creator. 

How to Encrypt Internet Connection?

Now, it’s time to go through the detailed procedure of how to encrypt your internet connection or the traffic. Have a look at all the methods carefully and try to understand the matter as given below. 

  1. WPA2/WPA3 WiFi Encryption

    In this method, you have to make sure that the Wi-Fi access is stable. Now, check whether the WiFi router uses the newly updated WPA2/WPA3 encryption or not. The WPA term stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. 

    Just type the router IP address in the default browser and open the router management page. Log in to access the interface. Select the connection type WPA2/WPA3 and enter all the necessary network credentials to complete the process of how to encrypt internet connection. 

  2. The HTTPS

    It’s HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. With the process of anagram, you can also call it Secured HyperText Transfer Protocol. Whenever you open a website, look at the address bar. At the initial point of the website, it will be written HTTPS. This means that the website that you are accessing is safe. If the ‘S’ is not written at the end of HTTP, then the website is not secured. 

    This entire aspect uses the TLS/SSL encryption certificate to secure your internet data and traffic. Every security application also monitors your internet activity. That is why using a good security application can be beneficial. One main thing you must know, all of your activities are being monitored when there is an absence of the S. Other than that, everything is just filtered or masked. 

    Now, a very common question can arise: what if the firewall of the security application is somehow being bypassed? This can happen on the internet, and anyone can break the cyber rules.

    So, when you are going to access any website, type the website and put an S behind the HTTP. If the website opens, it’s well and good; if not, then just ignore the website. This is how to encrypt internet connection. 

  3. Avail of the End-to-End Encryption

    Messaging someone sometimes eventually leads to the exchange of multimedia files. That is why you need to use such types of applications. Those applications will be the only answer to the question of how to encrypt an internet connection. One of the well-known applications is WhatsApp from Facebook.

    The application provides the text messages, as well as the video calls, in the form of end-to-end encrypted format. Google Duo is also there, which provides end-to-end encryption in the video calling feature as there are no facilities for text messaging. The Signal is also such a type of application that has the same Google Duo type interface. 

  4. Make use of the DNS

    The DNS stands for the Domain Name System. It usually consists of the IP address that has the ability to convert it to the website and vice versa.

    The entire process goes like this — When you want to connect to a website with its name, the web browser that you are using will send the DNS request to receive the website’s IP address.

    This is one of the safest ways to perform how to encrypt an internet connection. But, there is one slight flaw regarding the DNS, every DNS is not safe or encrypted. This might open up the massive risk of MITM attacks, ISP spying and many more. That is why you must use the process of DNS filtering to get rid of this matter. 

Some Additional Information

The VPN’s use can also provide you with the facility and answer how to encrypt an internet connection. As a result, no other connections can interpret your connection, as well as the server. The traffic will not get affected, and secured access will eventually take place. 

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