8 Best Productivity Apps: Recommendations From Phil Collins Of EssayService

Navigating the college curriculum is no walk in the park. Students have tons of essays, deadlines, meetings, and classes on their schedules. Fortunately, we are lucky to enjoy a variety of digital tools that make us more productive through productivity apps. 

Productivity apps help you manage your tasks, keep your calendar in check, set priorities, and have more effective study sessions. They do wonders to your ability to stay focused. We have picked some of the most popular productivity apps out there to make student life easier.

Todoist – For Task Management

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: Free version is available. Todoist Pro starts at $4/month

Todoist has everything you might need for effective task management. It even has a natural language recognition feature, just like Fantastical, that allows you to enter your daily recurring tasks in seconds. 

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Fantastical – For Scheduling

Availability: iOS

Price: Starts at $3.33/month

Fantastical is an excellent solution for managing your personal calendar. It is cross-platform and syncs your calendar across different devices. The app supports file and photo attachments to events that are uploaded directly to your iCloud or Google Drive for better accessibility. 

The scheduling feature of Fantastical considers the availability of all invitees and automatically proposes multiple times and dates. The app also supports conference calls and offers a variety of widgets for your home screen.

Readwise – For Reading and Notes

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: Starts at $4.49/month

Readwise allows you to get the most of what you read. Your highlights sync across various apps. You can easily review them through your highlight library on Readwise or daily emails. It is great for revising and better knowledge retention. 

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Session – For Time Tracking

Availability: iOS

Price: Free

Simple, lightweight, and minimalistic—Session immediately wins your heart. If you often find yourself wondering where your time goes, a good activity tracker is exactly what you need. Session is an intuitive, easy to use, and, what is most important, effective productivity app.

Add your activities and track how much time they take you daily. You can use an in-app timer or add sessions manually. The app also offers you wonderful motivational quotes every time you start a session. 

Microsoft OneNote – For Note Taking

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: Free

OneNote is your digital notebook. It covers all your needs. You can create separate notebooks and pages for different subjects and organize them with the help of tags. 

The app allows you to draw and add hand-written notes as well as insert audio, video, and other files directly. OneNote also works great if you study together with your peers. You can easily share your notes and collaborate.

Owaves – For Prioritizing and Finding Your Rhythm

Availability: iOS

Price: Free

Owaves is a daily planner that helps you organize your daily routine with a focus on wellness. Students are often too busy to take enough time for healthy sleep, exercise, and self-care. This app aims to change that. 

Owaves leverages research on circadian rhythm to help you plan your day in a holistic way. You can experiment with different patterns and develop healthy habits. 

Notion – For Notes and Tasks

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: Free version is available. The Personal Pro Plan starts at $5/month, but it is free for students

Notion is a popular all-in-one solution for productivity. It serves endless uses: class notes, homework, habit tracker, calendar, research, and project management, to name but a few. 

The app allows you to build your personalized workflow from scratch or use one of the existing templates. The system is highly-customizable to any needs you might have. 

Forest – For Distraction-Free Studies

Availability: Android, iOS

Price: $3.99

Although digital tools help us study, they can also be extremely distracting. One notification and you’re scrolling your Instagram feed or watching a new show on Netflix instead of writing an essay. 

Forest is an app that helps you stay focused on your priorities. Whenever you need to concentrate, open the app and plant a tree. It grows as long as you remain focused and withers if you get distracted and leave the app.

The Bottom Line

Productivity is the result of the system of habits and tools that allow you to make the most of the resources you have. Multiple apps help you organize your schedule, manage distractions, take better notes, and be more intentional with your time. With some effort on your part to build your own productivity system, these apps could be life-changing.

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