YouTube this Video is Unavailable – 8 Easy Methods to Fix Issue

“YouTube this video is unavailable” message appears when you are trying to watch a particular video but fail to do so. This message can also appear under various different names, and they are — “Youtube This video is unavailable”, This video is currently unavailable”, “An error occurred, please try again later”, or “This video is not available in your country”, “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. 

So, eventually, you can easily understand why the error message is appearing. No need to worry about that, there are solutions that can fix the issue. Feel free to check them out, either of them will surely resolve the problem. 

Making “YouTube This Video is Unavailable” Available 

Before you go through the solutions, make sure that you are logged in to your YouTube account. If you continue without logging in, the video platform will not save any of your YouTube activity. 

1. Is your Internet Connection stable?

When the “YouTube This video is unavailable” message appears, there might be a glitch in your internet connection. Check the router if you are using a wireless connection. Regarding the wired connection, make sure that the Ethernet RJ-45 connector is not loose. After verification, try to play the desired video and check whether the error message persists or not. 

2. A Fresh Start — YouTube, Web Browser, and System

The “YouTube This video is unavailable” error message can take place due to some temporary glitches in the system, as well as on YouTube. So, close the YouTube tab along with the browser. Refresh the desktop (System Explorer) and restart the desktop or laptop computer. If the issue persists in a mobile device, press down the power button, and tap on “Restart”. After the successful boot, hopefully, the error will not occur again.

3. Are you interested in using a Proxy or a VPN?

If a video is not available in your country, then sometimes the “YouTube This video is unavailable” shows up. This message is the outcome of certain rules and regulations set by YouTube for maintaining the cyber laws of your country. To bypass the restrictions (certain firewalls) a proxy or a VPN will come in handy. Download the extensions and set the country name. In addition to that, the default language must be understandable.

4.  The Activation of Flash Player and Javascript

The Adobe Flash player helps online videos to play on the system browser. In addition to that, Javascript helps in accessing the YouTube user interface. Navigate to the Browser Settings and find out the Flash Player settings. If necessary, update it to its latest version.

After that, as usual, restart the browser and check whether you can view the video or not.

5. Browser Hardware Acceleration: A Temporary Deactivation

Hardware acceleration is the process where YouTube videos use most of the system resources to play a video in its best clarity. This might sometimes result in the “YouTube This video is unavailable” message. So, the simple solution is to turn off the hardware acceleration. 

Let’s pick up an example for Google Chrome. Navigate to the Menu and go to Settings. You will get the option of hardware acceleration in the Advanced tab. Turn off the Toggle button or uncheck the box. Now, reboot the browser to save the changes. 

6. Taking Care of the Cache and Cookies

When you visit any website, cache files get stored in the system, and along with that the saved information in clusters are known cookies. When you want to play any video on YouTube, these cache and cookies prevent the online video from running properly. So, your utmost duty is to eliminate these files from the browser. Navigate to the Advanced portion of the browser settings and clear all the browser data. Make sure you choose “All Time” from the category. 

7.  Adjust the Video Resolution 

YouTube allows you to watch videos starting from 240p to 8K Super Ultra High Definition. Depending upon the display resolution and system configuration, you need to play a video. According to tech experts, 480p and 720p will be the perfect resolution for every device. Hopefully, when the video will be playing at 720p or 480p, the “YouTube This video is unavailable” might not occur again. 

8. Wipe Out Unnecessary Browser Extensions

There is no need to keep a lot of extensions in your browser, according to experts. While installing any application in your system, it might happen that several extensions get installed in the browser automatically. So, you cannot force resist the process but remove the extensions afterward. Navigate to the Settings of the browser and get access to the Tools. You will get the option of Extensions. Observe and remove those extensions that are unnecessary.

What about the Network Bandwidth?

The unstable bandwidth of the network can also be responsible for YouTube video unavailability.
So, you need to select a website that provides positive results in bandwidth testing. If you are not satisfied with the test, make sure you go through the internet plan that you are using. Try to match up with the written bandwidth and if there is any issue, contact the ISP for rectification. 

How can you Repair a Corrupted Video?

If none of the solutions works, surely the YouTube video must be broken or corrupted. You can report to YouTube in their forum. They revert within 2 to 4 business days. If the video is uploaded by you then you can use any third-party repair tool to repair the video. After that, delete the uploaded broken or corrupted one and upload the newly repaired video.

If you are witnessing the playback error, then the playtime function of YouTube is facing an issue. In such cases, you can reload the video and try to play it, once more. 

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