Can’t Access AOL Mail | Learn How To Troubleshoot Sign-in Problems

There can be various reasons when users can’t access AOL Mail quickly or it blocks their access temporarily. In most cases, this issue can happen due to login problems or any connectivity problem with the Ethernet or WiFi network.

So, if you are currently experiencing this error, you can go through this article to learn why AOL Mail account is inaccessible. aAlso, you can check out the solutions discussed in this content to get access to your AOL Mail account without any error.

Common Causes due to Which you can’t Access AOL Mail

Many users keep asking “Why I can’t access my AOL Mail?” as they are not aware of the underlying issues causing this error. If you are also having a similar query, go through the following points to know the reasons behind not accessing your AOL Mail.

  • In case you have typed a wrong username or password information while signing into your AOL Mail account, it can become inaccessible.
  • Any kind of technical error in the AOL server or the web browser can also block the user’s access to their email profiles.
  • If you have recently applied any changes to your system, it can change the Internet configuration. Hence, your general email settings can modify and prevent you from accessing AOL Mail.
  • According to some users, using an outdated version of AOL Mail account can also cause this error. This can happen even if you open emails on a web browser which is not up to date.
  • Somehow, if you have disabled the feature of JavaScript on your browser, you can’t access AOL Mail.

Fixes to Try if you are Unable to Sign Into your AOL Mail

If you can’t access AOL Mail and want to troubleshoot this error, check out the following fixes. But, before applying any of them, make sure to disable your antivirus program or third-party software which can be conflicting with your web browser.

Now, let’s discuss the fixes, which will help in accessing your AOL Mail account.

Fix 1: Sign Out of AOL and Login Again

Often, the process of repeatedly logging out of your mail account and signing back in can resolve email problems. Hence, you can apply the same method and completely sign out of your AOL account.

After that, open the AOL mail page after refreshing the current web browser and try to sign back in. You need to repeat this process a couple of times and check if you can access your AOL Mail.

Fix 2: Reset General Web Browser Settings

According to many users, they started experiencing problems with their AOL Mail account due to installing multiple browsers on their PCs. So, if you are also practicing the same thing, the settings for your web browser can change and block AOL Mail.

Hence, to resolve this error, you need to follow certain general steps in order to reset your browser’s configuration. Now, let’s take a look at the instructions to restore the default settings for your web browser.

Steps to Reset Web Browser Settings on Chrome

Apply the following steps in order to restore the default browser’s settings on your Chrome.

First, open the application of ‘Chrome’ on your system and find the option of ‘Settings’ by clicking on ‘More’.

Then, go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and locate the ‘Reset Settings’ button.

If you are getting AOL Mail error in your Mac, Linux or Chromebook device, click on ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’. After that, hit the tab for ‘Reset Settings’ and wait for your OS to restore the browser’s default settings.

Now, in case of Windows, you need to find the option for ‘Reset and cleanup’ and then select the ‘Reset Settings’ button.

The above steps were exclusively for those who have this question regarding “Why I can’t access my AOL Mail on Chrome”. So, if you are using any other web browser and want to restore the settings, you can follow the steps after consulting an expert.

Fix 3: Resolve or Fix Password Issues on AOL Mail

Many users can’t access AOL Mail if they are entering a wrong or invalid password. So, if you are sure about entering a correct password, the AOL Mail server can be down and hence, not detecting it.

Otherwise, you need to reset the password if you have forgotten the login details for your mail account.

First, try to access the auto-fill data saved by your browser during your past logins into your AOL Mail profile. But, if this is not possible at this moment, check out the following steps to reset your account’s password.

So, open the official website of AOL or copy the link in your URL of the browser. Next, hit the tab for ‘Forgot password’ and provide your AOL username in the appropriate field.

In case, you don’t recall the username, simply type your email address that is associated with the AOL Mail. Now, as a step of verification, you have to type the exact characters or words shown in the image captcha.

Then, hit the tab of ‘Next’. Choose the most suitable verification method from the list of options.

Hopefully, now you are able to reset your password for AOL Mail and can access the same from your browser.

Fix 4: Install or Update Web Browser to Its Latest Version

For some reason, if you are unable to access your AOL Mail account, it can be due to an outdated web browser. Hence, you can troubleshoot this issue by either downloading a new browser or upgrading the current one.

To download a browser (say Chrome), you can open the official website of Google. Then, navigate to the page, which has the tab of ‘Download Chrome’ with Google’s smart built-in features. After that, click on this button and download the recent version of Chrome browser on your PC.

However, if you are already using Chrome browser on your computer, you can upgrade it with the latest security updates. So, if you have recently ignored important Chrome updates, there is a possibility of them being pending in your system.

Now, look for the color of the update icon and try to identify how long it has been pending. If the color is red, orange or green, it means the Chrome updates were available for 7, 4 or 2 days respectively.

Next, click on the Chrome application on your PC and hit the feature of ‘More’ at the top-right of your window. Then select the tab for ‘Update Google Chrome’, if it’s showing on your Chrome page. In case, this button is not visible, you are already using the latest version on your computer.

Finally, click on the ‘Relaunch’ tab and wait for Chrome to install its recent updates. Then, launch your AOL Mail account and check whether you can access your emails and other settings without any error.

Fix 5: Clear Cache and Browsing Data from the Browser

You can apply this solution if the above method fails and you still can’t access AOL Mail. So, you can modify the steps discussed in this fix based on the web browser installed on your PC.

In case, you can’t open your AOL Mail account on Chrome, click on the ‘More’ icon. After this, select the tab for ‘More tools’ and then hit the ‘Clear browsing data’ button.

Next, select a time range for selecting the browsing data or cache and delete them. If you want to erase everything till date, simply press Ctrl + A and then click the ‘Delete’ button.

You should also tick the box for ‘Cached images and files’ and hit the ‘Clear data’ tab. Repeat the same procedure with the ‘Cookies and other site data’ checkbox and clear the items. This will also clear the cache and email histories in your AOL Mail.

So, after the process completes, try to open your email account and check if the issue is resolved.

Fix 6: Turn on JavaScript on your Web Browser

If you are unable to troubleshoot AOL Mail issues by applying the above fixes, check whether JavaScript is enabled in your browser. So, go the Settings tab for your web browser and look for the ‘Advanced’ option.

For those who are using Chrome, they can find this tab and then select ‘Content settings’ below the heading of ‘Privacy and security’. After that, click on the feature of ‘JavaScript’ and make sure to select ‘Allowed (recommended)’ for it.

Hopefully, this article has provided some useful insights on how to fix issues with your AOL Mail account. However, if you still can’t access AOL Mail, you can consult a professional and obtain technical solutions.

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